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The DTIC R&E Gateway provides a holistic view for our decision-makers to be able to see what’s coming and then to direct the investments to help the warfighters… we’re using MarkLogic to effectively store the data and then to enrich and enhance that data to make it available.”
When things were bad, we had the option to pivot, to scale out of a poorly written application without the need to rewrite large portions of the app during open enrollment. MarkLogic gave us a set of options that would not have been possible with other technologies.”
We needed a technology that could create that 360 view of our projects, and the MarkLogic Data Hub was really the only option for us.”
iPhone was an obvious choice for us. The iOS platform gives us unlimited opportunities to innovate.”
I searched 15 years for a solution that would match what I had done in my little homegrown application. I said this just wasn’t scalable, and I said MarkLogic is the first tool that I have come across that met those original requirements.”
What we want to do is automate the field worker. What makes that challenging is data: being able to take workloads and put them on mobile devices no matter the different type of systems we use. Connecting systems and data is the magic ingredient.”
We really needed to bust the silos. We have 12 instances of four different flavors of work order management systems. With inspection systems, we had 16 instances of six different flavors of a system and each one of these got stood up independently and configured differently. We have to bring this all together to do […]
We only want to manage information inside of the document and not have to also manage the massive amounts of triples and the links between all of the relations–that’s a capability that’s straight out-of-the-box. We also wanted the solution to be scalable and keep all of our historic data, so we can go back and […]
We’ve derived operational benefits in terms of cost reduction, efficiencies, and, in analytics, we’ve come up with better reporting mechanisms, which helps in risk management.”
If you tried to model a thousand types of things in a relational structure, you would really struggle. With this format and managing the data this way, we could solve a master data management problem that has been challenging me for years.”
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