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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You Don’t Need Another Point Solution. You Need A Data Platform.

Complying with the EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) isn’t about another point solution. It’s about integrating all of your customer data — no matter the channel, no matter the silo. And that requires a completely different approach.

MarkLogic’s approach lets you easily integrate and manage your silos of data, content and metadata. Our platform provides powerful, “ask anything” search and semantic capabilities, enabling you to deliver enriched, targeted experiences that are becoming critical for content providers.

With support for secure operations, accurate reporting and analysis over the full lifecycle of data, the agile MarkLogic platform can help you comply with GDPR regulations. And because it’s flexible it can more easily adapt to changes (including future regulations) – and innovate faster than ever before.

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Our Data Platform Can Solve Your GDPR Challenges

Get an overview of key challenges to achieving GDPR compliance, a step-by-step guide on how to overcome them, and how you can leverage your compliance effort into a value proposition.

Step by Step Guide

Dart hitting a GDPR target.

GDPR and Beyond

Consent Management

Siloed systems across your organization make it hard or impossible to keep current on consent information. A data hub can reduce your headaches by bringing disparate data together.

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Governance & Provenance

What is governance in the context of EU GDPR? It requires integrating data silos, bringing together operational and transactional data to respond quickly to continually evolving regulatory rules.

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Is ‘Gone’ Data Really Gone?

“Remove my information” — How those three little words strike fear in the hearts of Privacy Officers.

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How MarkLogic Gives You Control

The Governance Framework

Discover a new approach that establishes governance at the data level versus the system level in order to reduce risk, facilitate operational decisions, and improve integrity.

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Fine-Grained Authorization and Redaction

Consumer privacy laws have put customers in the regulator’s seat. The only way to be certain you have control over the situation — is to have fine-grained controls over your data.

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