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Regulatory Compliance / GRC

Effective Governance, Risk & Compliance

Addressing governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance can be painful. Instead of point solutions, think about integrating your data onto a single platform that lets you “see” across your silos. Painless, effective and the solution to address all facets of Regulatory Reporting and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).


The Most Secure NoSQL Database

Protecting your most critical data is our specialty.

World-class enterprises and government agencies around the world trust MarkLogic to integrate their mission-critical data with industry-leading, unparalleled security as verified by Common Criteria Certification.

  • Advanced encryption
  • Fine-grained, role-based security
  • Data anonymization and redaction

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What is GRC and why does it matter?


Governance is stuff you do to mitigate Risk and manage Compliance. Governance is proportional to an organization’s total Risk + Compliance.


Risk is bad stuff you don’t want to happen. This is driven by market dynamics and the “unexpected.” Higher risk is usually a result of less compliance.


Compliance is just stuff you have to do because someone says so. This is driven by regulatory and legislative bodies. Higher compliance results in less risk.

Data Governance in an Unpredictable World

Watch as Solutions Director, Damon Feldman, PhD, demonstrates how to use MarkLogic to implement, enforce and verify policies around data security, sharing, provenance and retention.


Intel & MarkLogic

MarkLogic and Intel assist financial institutions in establishing a sound application framework that makes it possible to respond to regulators in an efficient, timely, and responsive manner. A solid, complete solution architecture for Regulatory Reporting.

Protect Your Data and Enable Safe Sharing

Don’t leave security to your application developers – secure your data at the data platform level. Get end-to-end data security and governance with MarkLogic.

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