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Customer Experience

The Key to Improving Customer Experience is Data

Eliminate data silos and create a unified customer view that drives engagement. Direct customers to relevant information, guide them to new products and services, and solve problems before they escalate.

Give Customers What They Want – When They Want It

Harmonize enterprise and customer language using a semantic model so your customers can find the information they need when they need it, to save time and improve satisfaction.


Integrate multi-structured data across your enterprise.


Build knowledge models with views of your customers and what’s important to them.


Securely deliver harmonized information wherever it’s needed.

Speed Time to Value with MarkLogic

Faster Data Integration


Faster Data Integration
Productivity Improvement


Productivity Improvement
Faster Information Access


Faster Info Access

Improve Customer Experience with Better Data

Get a single source of customer data across the enterprise—updated in real time—and deliver better experiences for customers and customer-facing staff.

Achieve a 360 View

Integrate and manage all your multi-model, multi-source data with an agile, secure platform that powers multiple applications.

Deliver the useful and meaningful results your customers want, by combining customer data, enterprise knowledge models, and semantic search.

Enable customer support to locate relevant information and efficiently respond to customer queries at the first point of contact.

Provide field service, product development, and testing staff with access to support information to identify failure points and resolve issues in current and future products.


Harmonize, Add Meaning, Enable Discovery, Protect

Harmonize your data, put it in context, and deliver it securely—all while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

Smart Mastering

Get a single source of truth without a separate MDM tool.

Universal Index

Make data more discoverable and deliver real-time results from all your multi-structured data.

Semantic Search

Leverage user intent and context to deliver more meaningful results.

Data Security & Governance

Ensure you’re complying with data privacy and protection regulations around the globe.

Knowledge Graph Modeling

Build, scale, and enrich your model, and integrate it with user-facing discovery tools.

Fact Extraction

Identify and extract hidden facts and relationships in content.

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Achieve Data Agility

Don’t waste time stitching together components. MarkLogic combines the power of a multi-model database, search, and semantic AI technology in a single platform with mastering, metadata management, government-grade security, and more.

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