Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

Outdated and disconnected systems make it hard for agencies to ensure delivery of the right services to those who need them. These siloed systems are also difficult, slow, and expensive to adapt to meet changes mandated by law or evolving priorities.

To deliver the services your citizens need, you need real-time, integrated data that goes across program or even agency boundaries─whether that is linking family members to ensure no eligible child goes without health insurance, or proactively providing additional benefits to individuals and families when they lose a job or go on disability.

Whether you’re trying to improve and measure program effectiveness, make eligibility determination faster and more efficient, or increase digital engagement, with MarkLogic you can get up-to-date, person-centric, 360° views of data for any important entity─supported by the security needed for PII/PHI.

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Your State’s Data Deserves Better

Learn the 3 signs legacy technology is working against your mission, and how MarkLogic has helped government agencies achieve a complete view of their data, measure program effectiveness, and support innovation.

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Today’s modern data challenges are best met with technology designed for modern data requirements… With the MarkLogic database, we were able to accomplish CMS goals in just months.”

Customer Successes

Learn how California Health & Human Services Breaks Down Data Silos to Better Serve Over 26M People.

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Public Transparency, Accountability & Compliance

State and local governments have used MarkLogic to make it easier for the public—and employees—to search and find information they need. Granular security controls ensure sensitive data is protected.

Medicaid (MMIS) Modernization & HHS Service Delivery

Multiple state agencies have used MarkLogic to create a real-time consolidated view of data that lets them more effectively assess benefits eligibility, deliver program services and keep pace with changing requirements.

Accurate, Complete and Timely Criminal History Data

A state bureau modernized their 30-year-old system using MarkLogic, to deliver better quality information, automate manual processes, improve security, and make it easier to support future changes.

Why Our Approach Works

When you need a better, faster way to integrate complex data, the MarkLogic Data Hub is your answer. Learn why in this presentation, which describes the advantages of our operational data hub pattern—and shows a real-world State Human Services example where we captured the complex relationships among people, programs, case workers and benefits.

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Planning a Move to the Cloud?

Many agencies want to incorporate cloud infrastructure as part of their IT modernization efforts. The economic benefits can be large—but agencies should also consider risks of vendor lock-in. What if you want to move to a different provider? Or bring your data back in-house? Make sure your plans are “cloud neutral” to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Powerful Shouldn’t Be Complex

The MarkLogic Approach To Data Integration

Relational databases keep you stuck in a fragmented, rows and columns world. It’s time to escape the matrix with MarkLogic.

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Powerful Shouldnt Be Complex
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