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Outdated and disconnected systems make it hard for agencies to ensure delivery of the right services to those who need them. These siloed systems are also difficult, slow, and expensive to adapt to meet changes mandated by law or evolving priorities.

To improve the delivery of healthcare services and meet requirements for health data interoperability, technology leaders of state health and human service departments need to modernize their aging Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES). These State government modernization and replacement projects traditionally suffer from lengthy development cycles. Legacy ODS and MDM technology is simply not up to the task of quickly and reliably delivering a complete, real-time, person-centric 360 view from disparate data silos.

A different approach is needed. The MarkLogic Data Hub for Medicaid combines an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Master Patient/Provider Index (MPI) that allows states to confidently accelerate migration of legacy data to a more modern platform that simplifies data integration while future-proofing IT architecture.

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MarkLogic Data Hub For Medicaid

Medicaid Modernization projects in state government involve large scale data integration efforts. Legacy technology implementations struggle to keep pace with fast-changing integration needs that can be costly and prolong the time to benefit. The MarkLogic Data Hub for Medicaid can help accelerate your Medicaid modernization efforts while reducing risk

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Today’s modern data challenges are best met with technology designed for modern data requirements… With the MarkLogic database, we were able to accomplish CMS goals in just months.”

Customer Successes

Learn how our customers are leveraging MarkLogic for their modernization efforts

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Roundtable discussing the challenges the State of New Mexico and others faced in their Medicaid modernization programs, lessons learned, best practices, and areas they plan to continue to improve and invest in.
MarkLogic World 2018: This session will explore how CHHS is creating a "data movement" across the Agency and share two department's innovative MarkLogic implementations: DMHC implementation of the Office of Financial Review Dashboard and OSHPD Web Transformation Project.
HealthCare.gov was the most mission-critical project in the history of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and MarkLogic’s technology and team produced results.

The MarkLogic Approach

Today’s modern Medicaid Enterprise Systems are composed of reusable modules, connected in a Data Hub pattern, as defined by the CMS MITA initiative. In this webinar, we talk about how to speed time-to-value and reduce risk by focusing first and foremost on an Operational Data Store (an ODS) that fills the Data Hub role, and connects all the modules with clean, curated data for both real-time and batch operations. We will demonstrate a small, prototype ODS of this type to illustrate the MarkLogic approach

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Supporting FHIR and the CMS Operability Rule

Are you ready for the ONC Cures Act?

Just over a year until the delivery deadline set by the Cures Final Act Rule. Are you ready? Is your data ready? We’re here to help

Standardizing Internal Data Models on FHIR

Learn about MarkLogic’s work on a FHIR-based standardized data model to support persisted payer data for our Medicaid Accelerators.

Marklogic Corporation announces solution accelerators for the MarkLogic Data Hub for Medicaid

MarkLogic Corporation, a leader in data integration and data management, today announced the first two accelerators available from the Medicaid Accelerator Program launched earlier this year.

Powerful Shouldn’t Be Complex

The MarkLogic Approach to Data Integration: Data Hub

Traditional approaches to data integration have built up technical debt. A data hub has emerged as a more agile approach to keep up with today’s fast moving business demands. Read this comprehensive guide for enterprise architects and learn the principles of a data hub.

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Powerful Shouldnt Be Complex

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All too often, what started out as secure data in a centralized system of record becomes insecure data in an un-managed, un-governed data silo. Learn the three signs of vulnerable data, and how MarkLogic can help.
Legacy technology makes it challenging to get the 360° view you need to determine service eligibility and enable better population health.
Legacy technology is working against your mission. Learn how MarkLogic has helped government agencies achieve a complete view of their data, measure program effectiveness, and support innovation.
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