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Achieve Faster Time to Insight for Real World Evidence

For Life Sciences companies, Real World Evidence (RWE) initiatives present a golden opportunity to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of their drugs and medical devices and to get those products to market faster. However, the success of RWE development efforts depends heavily upon your organization’s capacity to generate results in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner.

MarkLogic’s database is the ideal technology platform for the development of RWE because it provides key enterprise capabilities that enable rapid data integration and harmonization; data governance, privacy, and quality assurance; semantic search for faster time to insight.

Don’t Let Technology Hold You Back

Your Real World Data assets are growing, but your solution can’t keep up with your need for critical answers and faster insights.  Is your technology holding you back?  Learn what you can do to extract more value from your data.

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The Challenges of Real World Data

Disparate Real World data sets must be fully integrated to generate effective Real World Evidence.
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Extract More Value From Real World Data

Extracting more value from healthcare data is key to leveraging Real World Evidence. This leads to faster time to insight. Is your organization equipped for success?

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Do More With All of Your Data in Less Time

Required data wrangling prior to complex data integration is a time intensive practice – exacerbating the already lengthy and expensive processes of product development and FDA approval.  But you can accelerate RWE with a metadata-driven, semantically enriched operational platform.

Ensure Data Quality, Security, and Stay Alert to Changes

RWE comes from multiple sources: lab and pharmacy data, hospital point-of-care data, insurance claims, and even social media making it difficult to prove its accuracy, provenance, and completeness. Our data integration approach lets you effectively bridge data and policy.

Enhance Analysis, Discovery, and Find Hidden Connections

Diverse, multi-structured data needed to support RWE objectives exists in disparate data sets. Searching across this unrelated data for content is inefficient and query results are limited by lack of context. By integrating these data silos, you’ll achieve greater insight and faster time to value.

Global Biotech Leader Launches Metadata App to Accelerate RWE

MarkLogic built a metadata catalog for a global leader in biotech–enabling researchers to efficiently filter through metadata to zero-in on data sets with patient candidates and studies most relevant to their areas of research, gaining faster insights and competitive advantage.

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Providing Access to Healthcare Insurance for Millions of Americans

Tasked with the unprecedented undertaking of providing health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) concluded that MarkLogic’s database platform provided the scalability and agility required to meet an 18-month timeframe from software procurement to launch.

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MarkLogic and Smartlogic provide a cutting-edge platform for innovative business solutions so you can integrate all of your life sciences data, provide meaning and context for that data and easily find the information you need.

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Point-to-Point Misses the Point

To Succeed, You Need to See All of Your Data

You can expand beyond inefficient point-to-point SOA data integration to unify your enterprise with a data-centric, Operational Data Hub architecture.

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