Achieving the objectives of your mission requires the ability to integrate, access, and analyze all of your data in less time. Unfortunately, information isn’t neatly stored in one space or in one schema.  It resides across various systems and silos. Worse, while you’re busy manually piecing together data, new information continues to surge in.

You need a highly-secure, agile way to integrate, store, manage and search all of your multi-structured data as quickly as possible. MarkLogic can help. We equip government organizations to rapidly transform a dizzying flood of information into actionable, situational awareness.

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When things were bad, we had the option to pivot, to scale out of a poorly written application without the need to rewrite large portions of the app during open enrollment. MarkLogic gave us a set of options that would not have been possible with other technologies.”

Henry Chao | CMS

Bringing Data Together

Improve Service Delivery With a 360° View

State and local governments rely on MarkLogic to meet their mission and modernization goals. Our unified data platform provides secure, real-time, integrated data across program and agency boundaries.

Achieve Critical Situational Awareness Now

For more than 15 years, government agencies have relied on MarkLogic to integrate ISR reports, sensor feeds, geospatial data, and more for intelligence analysis and decision-making. Learn why their trust is well-placed.

An Unprecedented Exercise in Scalability, Agility and Quick Delivery

When healthcare insurance information from 50 states couldn’t be integrated using relational technology, CMS chose MarkLogic to rescue

Why Point-to-Point Misses the Point

Learn about an evolution in data management that naturally accepts heterogeneous data, enabling you to bridge data silos.

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Image Promotion Government Grade Security

What Government-Grade Security Really Means

It means your sensitive enterprise data has hardened security with redaction, advanced encryption and element-level security. MarkLogic ensures granular data security and supports users with assigned roles and privileges, always confirming a user’s rights before enabling access. Your top data security concerns – addressed.

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Powered By MarkLogic

MarkLogic is used in several government programs, allowing agencies to rapidly integrate disparate data sets to achieve a 360-degree view that advances better service to their communities.

Beyond Relational

Organizations in every industry struggle to manage massive volumes of today’s multi-structured data with the rigid relational technology they’ve used for the past 30 years.

Learn why organizations adopting agile, modern technology are now achieving results they once thought out of reach.

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For Sensitive Data, Trust Is a Must

MarkLogic is one of only six database vendors, and the only NoSQL database, with:

NIAP Common Criteria Certification

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