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National security requires data to work harder. It needs to reach beyond organizational boundaries. To protect from the constant threat of attack, Federal agencies need to make fast, reliable decisions. And that requires integration of complex data delivered securely – all at mission speed. MarkLogic does that. And we are doing it in the most secure environments in the US government.

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3 Hidden Risks

Is Open Source Software Worth the Risk for the Defense and Intel Community?

The mission depends on having the right technology and the right information. Manage the risk. Protect decision advantage.

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MarkLogic Data Hub in Three Easy Steps

The platform provides the DoD and IC with an agile way of securely integrating complex data to advance the mission

Webinar With GOVLOOP

How to Drive the Mission with Simplified Data Integration

Check out our on-demand webinar to learn how agencies can make the vision of data-driven decision-making a reality.

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AI and Knowledge Management

Market research firm Cognilytica looks at 8 use cases where AI impacts the creation, sharing, usage and management of the knowledge and information within an organization.

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What Government-Grade Security Really Means

It means your sensitive enterprise data has hardened security with redaction, advanced encryption and element-level security. MarkLogic ensures granular data security and supports users with assigned roles and privileges, always confirming a user’s rights before enabling access. Your top data security concerns – addressed.

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A Single Source of Truth for the DoD Community

The Department of Defense funds billions of dollars of scientific and technical research every year. Learn how the Defense Technical Information Center has consolidated its data repositories, search engines, and security system into a single source of this S&T research for the DoD community.

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Data Governance: What You Need to Know

In this 20 minute Q&A podcast, David Gorbet, MarkLogic’s Senior VP of Engineering, highlights some of the most pressing concerns with data governance and security as well as the potentially disastrous consequences for organizations that fail to act in time.  Click the play button and have a listen.

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MarkLogic Powers Mission-Critical Systems Around the World

Police Intelligence

Across the globe, there are agencies in charge of protecting children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Each only has a slice of the data—making it difficult to quickly ascertain if an at-risk child requires intervention. MarkLogic is helping seven agencies work together on over 50 systems to identify data patterns that create the full story of each child at-risk.


Situational Awareness

A U.S. Combatant Command developed a knowledge management and information system to share diverse data sets across many systems, programs, and people. The solution also provided support for DIL (disconnected, intermittent, or limited network) operations. Results show 59% improvement in query performance and 57% less disk space used in comparison to the agency’s legacy RDBMS solution.

Geospatial Demos

Complex data reflects our complex world. Mission success depends on secure, high-quality, and curated data. In a world of change, analysts can no longer rely on a geospatial database and a spreadsheet to maintain real-time data. It takes too long and steals funding away from higher priority programs. MarkLogic securely integrates unstructured, and structured data — documents, observations, objects, imagery, and tabular information — into a single, platform for mission-speed sharing and accessibility.

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Want to Know More About the MarkLogic Database?

As the World’s Best Database for Integrating Data From Silos, MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before. One database. Endless possibilities.

MarkLogic Database Overview

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