True situational awareness requires a platform to manage all of your data for real-time understanding and better decision making – whether the source is ISR, C2, Multi-INT or a future data type. Plus, security is critical.

With MarkLogic, data spread across silos can be integrated, enriched and delivered—in geospatial, temporal and semantic context—to help users gather and share intelligence even in a disconnected environment. A secure, agile database platform with real-time alerts and advanced search capabilities, MarkLogic streamlines data integration to help you achieve a 360-view of your data for faster communication and sounder decision-making.

Integrate, Store, Manage and Search. It’s Easier Than Ever.

You need an agile way to integrate, store, manage and search across disconnected data silos. Learn how to achieve faster time to insight and securely share mission critical intelligence with anyone, anywhere.

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Bringing Data Together

Enduring Intelligence Automation

The amount of source data is rising. Analysts are having difficulty keeping pace. The directive is for Artificial Intelligence to handle workloads, but automation is proving to be difficult, resulting in delayed deployment. MarkLogic can speed up the process of automation while reducing costs.

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Flexible, Powerful Solutions for National Security

Your mission requires superior information fusion, search and alerting, and intelligence development and dissemination. When you are fed up with the complexity and cost of adapting RDBMS, and security around custom open source stacks, turn to MarkLogic. We can help.

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Mission Talent Alignment

As policies, regulations, and budgets change, the MarkLogic Mission Talent Alignment (MTA) solution allows agencies to easily pivot and accelerate staffing of new projects by integrating data from different sources such as HR systems, finance, publications, social media and more. Are you prepared to adapt quickly? You can be.

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Data Governance: What You Need to Know

In this 20 minute Q&A podcast, David Gorbet, MarkLogic’s Senior VP of Engineering, highlights some of the most pressing concerns with data governance and security as well as the potentially disastrous consequences for organizations that fail to act in time.  Click the play button and have a listen.

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What Government-Grade Security Really Means

It means your sensitive enterprise data has hardened security with redaction, advanced encryption and element-level security. MarkLogic ensures granular data security and supports users with assigned roles and privileges, always confirming a user’s rights before enabling access. Your top data security concerns – addressed.

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For Mission Critical Data, Trust Is a Must

MarkLogic supports several enterprise defense and intelligence programs to provide powerful alerting and saved searches across unrelated systems.

One of only six database vendors – and the only NoSQL database – with NIAP Common Criteria certification, we can assist in mitigating risks through customized risk management frameworks such as PL3/ICD-503 and are DITSCAP certified to operate on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

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MarkLogic Powers Mission-Critical Systems Around the World

Police Intelligence

Across the globe, there are agencies in charge of protecting children from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Each only has a slice of the data—making it difficult to quickly ascertain if an at-risk child requires intervention. MarkLogic is helping seven agencies work together on over 50 systems to identify data patterns that create the full story of each child at-risk.


Situational Awareness

A U.S. Combatant Command developed a knowledge management and information system to share diverse data sets across many systems, programs, and people. The solution also provided support for DIL (disconnected, intermittent, or limited network) operations. Results show 59% improvement in query performance and 57% less disk space used in comparison to the agency’s legacy RDBMS solution.

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Want to Know More About the MarkLogic Database?

As the World’s Best Database for Integrating Data From Silos, MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before. One database. Endless possibilities.

MarkLogic Database Overview

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