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MiFID II and Beyond — MarkLogic is the Solution

Complying with MiFID II requires reporting across all financial instruments: stocks, bonds, derivatives traded in Europe, and reconstruction of trades —across all communications channels— in real time.

A data warehouse, ETL, or single-purpose reporting solution isn’t the answer for MiFID II or any regulation such as BCBS 239, FRTB, Dodd-Frank, or GDPR. You need a multi-model operational database that integrates all your data from all sources, providing support for secure operations, accurate pre- and post-trade reporting and monitoring — in real-time. The result: greater transparency and agility for your business, regardless of the next regulation on the horizon.

With MarkLogic, you can forgo one-off reporting requirements because our data integration platform gives you the capability to respond to new, emerging requirements with ease.

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Are You Compliance Ready?

It’s easy to find out. Use our checklist to see if you’re on track or need to re-think your compliance strategy to meet regulatory requirements.

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An Operational and Transactional Enterprise NoSQL Database That Integrates Data Better, Faster, With Less Cost

Your MiFID II Solution

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We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult…”

“We need the ability to respond quickly to changing regulatory requirements. We chose MarkLogic because trade data is notoriously difficult to handle in relational databases. We found the breadth of MarkLogic’s multi-model database and associated features, such as security and ACID transactions, to be compelling.”

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Think long term. Your regulatory concern today may be MiFID II, but there are inevitable new regulations on the horizon. Learn how MarkLogic’s Regulatory Reporting Platform can meet today’s—and tomorrow’s—regulatory compliance demands.

Bringing Data Together

It's the Data – Not the Reporting

Providing real-time reporting when faced with comprehensive regulation is tricky – but not impossible. Find out how our Enterprise NoSQL Database can help ease the pain of regulatory reporting.

Thank the Regulators

No doubt dealing with regulatory reporting is a pain. But there is a silver lining! In fact, once all that data is integrated, it’s a golden opportunity to effectively innovate — and leap frog the competition!

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