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This brings this community together, in a place to share your insights and will keep you up to date with the latest for this fantastic group of MarkLogic customers.

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In the first blog of our new media series, our Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Turner, sits down to discuss some great stories about our customers that have met the complex content demands of their customers and the efficiency needs of their organization. The solutions may be unique, but the broader goals were the same. They each needed to keep hold of their customers, and they needed to break down their data silos to do it.

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The combinations (of aspect to sell a TV show) run into the billions and in our relational database we have many billions of rows of rights records that express how this sale can take place. It’s an extremely complex data scenario.”

Rob Maxwell

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Publishing industry expert David Worlock, takes a look at the 21st Fiesole Retreat in Florence, April 3-5, 2019, where industry participants gathered to discuss the future of libraries, publishing, collections, and scholarship. A key message woven throughout the event was the importance of digital transformation in scholarly communication – namely, the ways in which academic and commercial research is delivered so people can access it is undergoing tremendous changes.

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Smart Hollywood Panel

Event Recap – Smart Hollywood Summit

February 27, 2019 | Los Angeles

Warner Bros. David Sugg hosted the “Does AI Make our Data Smarter?” panel to discuss the current state of AI and how the Media and Entertainment industry was using it. Matt Turner, MarkLogic’s CSO for Media introduced the panel and joined the discussion.

While they discussed the potential beyond just automated compliance around things that won’t pass censors, they also considered how the generation of automated, rich metadata could be leveraged. From our perspective, these all have great potential, and data is going to be a major driver for making your AI smarter.

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Event Recap – HITS

May 23, 2019 | Los Angeles

HITS Spring: MarkLogic, Sony Tout Benefits of Leveraging Curated Descriptive Metadata

In a session titled, “How Sony is Leveraging Curated Descriptive Metadata for Competitive Business Value,” MarkLogic CSO Matt Turner illustrated the steps media and entertainment companies can take to push their data to a place where it’s going to make a difference. And, Sony Pictures explained how the company has been investing in descriptive, time-based metadata to better understand its content library.

Find out how the Sony team’s data journey has been assisted by MarkLogic’s Data Hub.

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Everything Media and Entertainment

Here’s what’s coming up, what you can binge on, and what matters to us.

Hits Fall 2019

October 3, Los Angeles, CA — This daylong event sees a community of IT technologists representing Hollywood studios as well as technologists within the media entertainment industry come together to discuss digital transformation journeys facing organizations today.

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Frankfurt Bookfair

October 16-20, Frankfurt, Germany — Frankfurt Book Fair is the World’s largest gathering of information and publishing industry experts. This year’s theme is “Ideas that Move the World.”

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