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One platform meets your audience, industry, and data demands.

Media organizations are littered with purpose-built systems that solve one data problem, but create three others. With today’s digital demands, this is no longer a competitive way to operate. This is why organizations like yours are turning to MarkLogic.

We let you easily integrate and manage your silos of data. This gives you true visibility into your content (and the associated metadata), which you can then leverage to delight target audiences while eliminating production costs.

With support for secure operations, accurate reporting, and analysis over the full lifecycle of data, MarkLogic makes it easier to adapt to changes and innovate faster than ever before. All on one platform.

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Data Integration Done Right

More and more customers are demanding a content experience customized to their preferences and needs, and you must deliver these products at accelerated rates and at less cost. Leading organizations have discovered a new approach – with an Operational Data Hub (ODH). Learn how the MarkLogic’s Data Hub eliminates silos, unifies enterprise data, enables content re-use and achieves the data visibility your organization is looking for.

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Advantages of Integrated Data

Increased Revenue

With MarkLogic’s Operational Data Hub for Content Lifecycle, you’re agile enough to quickly take advantage of new opportunities to monetize content.

Enhanced Content Delivery

Customer Lagardère used MarkLogic to ingest a variety of media types as is to bring in-demand, revenue-driving products to market faster than before.

Scale For Growth and M&As

When customer ALM decided to grow from a legal content provider to a multi-industry information provider, they needed a solid data integration platform.

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Golden Record of Customers

In just four months, ALM integrated publishing data to drive better customer engagement by successfully creating a 360-degree view helping to expand its audience base.

Education Publishing C 1200

Infrastructure Made Simple

Pearson shares how MarkLogic simplifies their infrastructure so they can discover content more easily while distributing it more efficiently.

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Personalized Content Delivery

“Well, isn’t that special?” NBCUniversal launched an app in the cloud for fans to watch SNL comedy from the past 40 years. The app was built in 4 months and has been downloaded millions of times.

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