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Discover Hidden Connections in Your Data 10X Faster

Even with the recent advances in pharma, the industry is still mired in very slow drug discovery cycles. The billions of dollars and well over a dozen years it takes to bring a drug to market is just the beginning. After FDA approval, a drug manufacturer must still prove the value of its drug to patients, providers, and payers.

Fortunately, there’s help. We can now accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs with future-ready, agile data technology that shortens development cycles.

MarkLogic customers have discovered an efficient approach to R&D platform development that enables:

  • Up to 10X faster multi-structured data integration
  • Better decision-making with a complete, 360 view of data
  • Intelligent semantic search to uncover hidden data connections
  • Government-grade security and improved data governance

And, you can avoid buying or managing any infrastructure by deploying these powerful, enterprise capabilities as a cloud-based managed service.

Speed Productivity in R&D

Fortune 50 Pharma Builds Metadata App to Quickly Derive Insights

The pharma uses MarkLogic’s platform to competitive advantage by building a metadata catalog that enables researchers to more quickly filter through metadata to zero-in on patient candidates and studies critical to its research.

Accelerate Real World Evidence Development

Achieving efficient insight from healthcare data is key to faster RWE development. MarkLogic accelerates evidence generation by enabling rapid integration, harmonization, and intelligent search across disparate real world data silos.

IDC Customer Spotlight: AbbVie brings together drug discovery research data

Discover how a leading biopharmaceutical company is empowering scientists to use data for more informed decision making by creating a cloud-based data platform which provides real-time access to data from across the enterprise.

How AbbVie Brings New Drugs to Market Faster

AbbVie brings drugs to market faster with a cloud-based R&D platform built on MarkLogic. Phil Hajduk, VP of R&D Information Research, explains how AbbVie can now discover data in a fraction of the time required by its previous system.

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Data Hub Guide for Architects

Architects know all too well about data integration headaches. Learn why the Operational Data Hub (ODH) is essential to meeting rapidly changing business needs—and solving data management challenges.

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