Life Sciences organizations generate and acquire a significant amount of heterogeneous, complex data – all of which you should be able to query for critical, new insights. Alas, too much of this valuable information is locked away in silos that are difficult to access, let alone combine for timely analysis. First, there’s the information you know you have, e.g., clinical trial and post-market results, clinical study documentation, product pipeline and patent timelines. Then, there’s the unknown data tucked away in other parts of your organization, such as call centers, marketing, and sales. You need access to all of this data — in one place.

MarkLogic enables you to access and operationalize all of your data, regardless of source, to achieve real results for your business in: Real World Evidence (RWE) for pharmacovigilance, and drug efficacy; competitive intelligence and brand management; patient retention and clinical recruitment; clinical trial optimization; and regulatory submissions and review.

Solutions For Life Sciences

New Ideas for Bringing All Your Data Together

Tracing Drug Lot Genealogy: Is Your Technology Enough?

Graph stores are being used to track lot genealogy for pharmacovigilance. But are they enough? Find out how some Pharmaceutical companies are quickly and easily detecting anomalous signals at every point of the drug life cycle – with a multi-model database that can flag signals early wherever they may occur in a complex supply chain.

Do More With All of Your Data in Less Time

Required data wrangling work prior to complex data integration is a time intensive practice exacerbating the already lengthy and expensive processes of product development and FDA approval. Learn how to integrate data – not meant to work together – to a platform that brings all the semantically enriched information you need for RWE.

Can You Really Trust Your Data?

Only if you know where it came from. That’s why enterprise metadata — the data about data — is key to data integrity. But, as it’s a real pain to collect and manage metadata with the relational tools commonly in use, top companies have come to rely upon MarkLogic to ensure the quality and lineage of their enterprise data.

Why Point-to-Point Misses the Point

To Succeed You Need to See All Your Data

Expand beyond inefficient point-to-point SOA data integration to unify your enterprise with a data-centric Operational Data Hub architecture.

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Solutions Rwe Point To Point 600

Seamless and Elegant Data Integration

Learn about an evolution in data management that naturally accepts heterogeneous data, enabling you to bridge data silos, in our FREE Multi-Model Database ebook.

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Global Biotech Leader Launches Metadata App to Accelerate RWE

MarkLogic built a metadata catalog for a global leader in biotech–enabling researchers to efficiently filter through metadata to zero-in on data sets with patient candidates and studies most relevant to their areas of research, gaining faster insights and competitive advantage.

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Biot Tech 600
Delivering a 360 View in Life Sciences

Let Solutions Architect, Imran Chaudhri, walk you through a few game-changing use cases in agile development. He’ll explain why agile development doesn’t happen without agile data and how MarkLogic’s Operational Data Hub Framework can make your data agile, speed up delivery and time to value.

Achieve Competitive Intelligence

The ability to extract more value from healthcare data is key to leveraging RWE to greater competitive advantage. Is your organization equipped for success? Learn how an agile database platform empowers life sciences companies to securely and efficiently integrate disparate data sources to advance IT innovation and competitive objectives.

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