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Power a Better Customer Experience with a 360° View


The Current State of Big Data-Driven Transformation in the Insurance Industry

For insurance professionals, integrating data to obtain a single customer view is crucial to the success of their organizations, but complex legacy data systems are a major barrier. MarkLogic provides the next-gen data platform to overcome legacy constraints and quickly achieve a single customer view.


Insurance Customer 360 - Stats
Insurance 360 – Global Research Report

The Current State of Big Data-Driven Transformation in the Insurance Industry

A fascinating insight into the key big data management challenges experienced by insurance organizations and the opportunities for optimizing the integration and use of big data assets for improved customer insights leading to better customer experiences.

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The New Customer Insight Paradigm in Insurance: The Power of a 360° View

With today’s technology, it is increasingly possible to have a crystal-clear understanding of customer behavior. There’s now the chance to predict for, tailor to and eventually delight customers, driving loyalty for years to come.

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