Power Faster, More Accurate Decision Making with a 360° View

Relational databases simply don’t work for many of today’s data types, resulting in the need for time-consuming and expensive data modelling and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes. An operational data hub is a virtual filing cabinet that creates a single unified view of all claims data, whether structured or unstructured. Using a MarkLogic Insurance Data Hub enables insurers to integrate data more simply, resulting in downstream benefits such as faster insights, accelerated application delivery, and lower development costs.

With a 6X improvement in time to value, multi-model support for all structured and unstructured data sources, semantic search, and enterprise-grade security, our innovative technology offers a more efficient, agile approach to data integration, enabling insurance organizations to power faster, more accurate decision making with a 360° view of their claims data.

Insurance 360 – Global Research Report

The Current State of Big Data-Driven Transformation in the Insurance Industry

A fascinating insight into the key big data management challenges experienced by insurance organizations and the opportunities for optimizing the integration and use of big data assets for improved insights leading to faster, more accurate decision making.

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