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Insurance organizations need a holistic view of their business across a number of areas, including customers, operations, and risk assessment.

Putting an end to obstructive data silos, MarkLogic’s innovative technology unlocks the value of all the information that exists across your organization — enabling compliance, managing risk, driving market insight, and powering better customer experiences. With our next-generation database, insurance organizations are achieving the operational agility and cost reduction that drives business growth.

MarkLogic’s agility, integrated search, and enterprise features allow us to deliver on a global scale to the most demanding customers. We have dramatically improved the customer experience and our clients’ ability to optimize their risk profiles.


Improve Underwriting Efficiency and Accuracy with a Unified View of Data

Power faster, more accurate risk assessment with a 360° view. With the MarkLogic data hub, insurance organizations can integrate all of the data required to empower underwriters to make better-informed decisions, faster.


Insurance 360 – Global Research Report

The Current State of Big Data-Driven Transformation in the Insurance Industry

A fascinating insight into the key big data management challenges experienced by insurance organizations and the opportunities for optimizing the integration and use of big data assets for improved customer insights and business performance across the enterprise.

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Turn Claims Data Into Actionable Insights

Power Faster, More Accurate Decision Making with a 360° View

Improving claims handling is core to insurer transformation. Discover a more efficient, agile and accurate approach to claims management with data hub technology.


Digital Transformation

Overcome Data Challenges with a Semantic Data Hub

MarkLogic and Wipro explore a modern approach to the insurance industry’s unique data challenges, and how a semantic data hub enables insurance organizations to improve business intelligence and build smarter applications.

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Data Integration For Customer Centricity

Embrace social media and other digital channels to cater to customer preferences, uphold data privacy, and innovate with new products. Failure to deliver puts your organization at risk.

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45 Days to a Working Insurance Data Hub

Discover how MarkLogic can quickly and easily help you to stand up your own Insurance Data Hub in the cloud and accelerate your digital transformation efforts.

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modern Tech for the Enterprise

Hannover Re Reduces Risk and Improves Processes in the Cloud

After exploring relational and open source solutions, Hannover Re chose MarkLogic as the cloud-based database and storage layer for its analytical app hr | ReFlex. Learn how the 360-degree view of customer information helps the company quickly assess insurance applications with optimal levels of security, scalability and availability.

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Customer 360 – Unlock the Value of Your Data

Transform Customer Engagement with Data Hub Technology

Keeping your customers engaged and happy while reducing costs to innovate is simpler than you think. Improve risk, client retention and operational efficiency with a unified, actionable 360° view of your customer.

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Customer 360 Insurance

Innovate to Your Advantage

Legacy mainframes, data warehouses and point solutions can sabotage your digital transformation efforts. Add in infrastructure complexities from mergers and acquisitions and it’s even more time and money down the drain.

Find out how Erie Insurance found a new approach that empowered it to overcome key challenges in complex data integration enabling them to save money and innovate to market advantage.

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How Insurance Companies Can Achieve a 6X Improvement in Time to Value

MarkLogic participated in a “proof of concept” for a Fortune 500 insurance company undergoing IT modernization efforts. This top insurer was struggling to deliver applications using existing legacy Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), so it tested MarkLogic in a head-to-head comparison. The results speak for themselves.

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A Modern Solution for Modern Data

Yesterday’s technology wasn’t designed to handle today’s increasingly complex Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) landscape.  We’ve got a modern, agile and secure problem solver that checks all the boxes.

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Achieve Faster and More Accurate Claims Processing

Leading insurers worldwide use MarkLogic to power faster, more accurate decision-making. Integrated data is vital to claims handling automation, supplementing human interaction with customer data for streamlined claims processes while increasing fraud detection, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience.


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