Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

How to Thrive in a Value-Based Market

Healthcare organizations often create data silos by buying or building new data warehouses, data lakes and applications – disconnecting key business units and driving up costs in the process. Another standalone, point solution isn’t the answer. An enterprise platform that is change-friendly and integrates data faster lies at the heart of success.

MarkLogic empowers organizations across the healthcare ecosystem – including health plans, hospitals, clinically integrated networks, health IT vendors, and pharmaceutical companies – to succeed in this dynamic and increasingly value-based market.

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Using Data to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality of Care

Striking a balance between improving patient outcomes and reducing costs and inefficiencies will require a robust and flexible data strategy that enables a 360-view across all data sources. Trying to create this agile strategy on rigid, outdated technology is, in and of itself, costly and inefficient. There is a better way.

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Cure Your Interoperability Blues

Learn about an evolution in data management that naturally accepts heterogeneous data — enabling you to bridge data silos — while preventing polyglot persistence headaches in our FREE eBook on building Multi-Model Databases.

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Is Your Technology Working Against You?

Data is the fuel that powers your innovation, improving your organization’s agility, speed and performance while reducing costs. Learn the three signs technology is holding you back and what you can do to extract more value from all of your data in a lot less time.

Enterprise Data Strategy for a Changing Landscape

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, the climate of fierce competition and heightened risk calls for an enterprise data strategy that advances business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. We have your answer.

Watch How One Healthcare Organization Uses an Operational Data Hub to Power Business Success
Use an Operational Data Hub to Power Business Success | 51:00
Use an Operational Data Hub to Power Business Success | 51:00

…we were able to accomplish CMS goals in just months.”

“Add in an ever-changing and volatile, policy-driven environment into an IT infrastructure challenge, and you know you need something powerful yet agile to meet changing requirements. With the MarkLogic database, we were able to accomplish CMS goals in just months. To date, the CMS has over 11 million subscribers.”

Henry Chao | CMS

Insuring the Health of Millions - In Record Time

Tasked with the unprecedented ask of providing health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services concluded that MarkLogic’s database platform provided the scalability and agility required to meet an 18-month timeframe from procurement to launch.

Engage With Consumers Like a Retailer

Value-based care and real world evidence drive coordination between healthcare and life sciences organizations. Enhanced consumer engagement via digital transformation is a top priority for business and IT stakeholders. Are you ready?

Real World Data: Opportunity Knocks

Real World Evidence initiatives present a golden opportunity to demonstrate the clinical and economic value of drugs and medical devices and how to get those products to market faster. The success of RWE development efforts hinge upon your ability to transform data into insight at less time and cost.

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