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Unify systems and data to enable lifelong engagement with students, improving educational outcomes and providing evidence of improvement.

The Education and Training industry is changing under pressure from government, parents, and students of all ages to provide better educational outcomes – including lifelong, personalized learning. At the same time, technology itself is creating a demand for more engaging educational experiences.

At the crux are the promises of big data – being able to give students more personalized, lifelong educational opportunities and content, helping governments provide better, more cost-efficient public education, and ensuring that universities deliver value in proportion to tuition.

With unified learning management systems, customizable course materials, and a 360-degree view of students and statistics, the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform provides the flexibility, scalability, and interoperability that education and training institutions and publishers need to deliver cost-effective, high-impact learning experiences and positive educational outcomes.

We needed one platform to discover content more easily for educators, editors, and analysts, to distribute content more efficiently, and to deliver the right content to the right student.”


Lightning Fast Search

Not another add-on, our built-in search provides sub-second results

Any Format

Load your content, data, and metadata without the pain of upfront data modeling

Flexible Scalability

Scales out on any hardware environment, adapts as data changes and new data is added

Reliable Performance

Transactional consistency (ACID), high availability, and government-grade security

Unified Platform

Avoid the complexity and brittleness that multiple applications carry

Lower Costs

Reduce time to market, management time, and overall costs

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