We’ve heard this story too many times. Businesses spending more time fighting their data than benefiting from it. The obvious answer is “integrate your data,” but legacy systems make that costly and time consuming. In fact, enterprise data integration eats up 60 percent of a typical IT department’s budget — and it still leaves a gap between the operational and analytical needs of your business.

The Operational Data Hub (ODH) pattern, powered by MarkLogic, eliminates that gap — and makes governance, tracking and access simpler and more effective.

I have all these layers and don’t know where the data came from…and the people who wrote the stuff are probably gone…so I just want to blow it all up…”

Build Your ODH With the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework

Building an Operational Data Hub using the FREE MarkLogic Data Hub Framework is fast and easy.

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Tale of Two Data Functions

It’s the worst of times when trying to get ‘Observe-the-Business’ data and ‘Run-the-business’ data to play nicely together. Real-time and historic, these two functions create a boondoggle of architectural complexity making it hard for the two to get their data sets together. ODH removes that complexity.

Operational Data Hub: What It Is, Why It Came About

Check out the first in a series of blogs about MarkLogic’s Operational Data Hub pattern. Learn why the ODH emerged, why organizations rely on it, and how it helps address companies’ ETL and related data integration challenges.

Operational Data Hub in Action

Looking for real-world examples? MarkLogic Solutions Director, Damon Feldman, PhD, goes into details about the Operational Data Hub pattern, and puts it in context of solving several problems across industries – including comparing it to alternative approaches.

ODH: Don’t Replace. Revitalize.

Co-existing with SOA (and similar patterns) and EDWs, the ODH dramatically reduces costs and bloated integration architectures that were based on complex transformations and overburdened governance initiatives that can’t quite keep up with needs.

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Introducing the Operational Data Hub

Architects know all too well about data integration headaches. Learn why the Operational Data Hub (ODH) is essential to meeting rapidly changing business needs—and solving data management challenges.

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