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The mainframe architecture has served the archiving, transaction, and system of record needs of organizations for an impressively long time – but the costs to maintain these systems are skyrocketing (10-15% each year!) and they are not agile enough to handle today’s modern data applications and exploding data volumes.

You know you need to deal with your mainframe problem – but in the past you didn’t love your options. Sure, SQL is more agile than a mainframe, but the reliance on a fixed schema locks data in, requiring endless ETL cycles. And, it still lacks the elasticity to handle growing data volumes. So you put the decision off.

Delay no more – there is a fix! MarkLogic’s operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL solution allows you to move from Mainframe to NoSQL to get the flexibility and cost-savings you need – and without sacrificing reliability, performance or security.

The Road from Mainframe to NoSQL | 3:02
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92% of mainframe owners say they know they need to get out of their mainframe solutions.

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Not All NoSQL Are Created Equal

Sure, you get how NoSQL flexibility can save you the kinds of data modeling and ETL pains that come with RDBMS. But, your mainframes hold some of your most important data and power some of your most critical applications – you need a platform that will give you all the enterprise features that you need, whether you’re replacing legacy apps or permanently migrating data off the mainframe. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with capabilities such as:

Cloud Migration Without Limitations

One of the big reasons to get off the mainframe is to enable a move to the cloud. But make your choice wisely so you’re not locked in by technology or licensing. Check out this blog post to learn five things every CIO should plan for, to ensure cloud neutrality.

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Your Industry Can Leave Mainframes Behind, Too

Want specifics on how a migration to NoSQL could look for your industry? Download a white paper specific to your industry’s unique challenges:

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Modernize or Migrate?

A lot of people would have you believe this is a binary choice. But with flexible enterprise-grade NoSQL technology, you can meet your organization’s needs for new applications —based on integrated data from mainframes and other data silos— while setting the foundation for eventual migration of data off the expensive, hard-to-maintain mainframe platform.

Let MarkLogic Help

Partnering With Intel

MarkLogic and Intel have forged a strong partnership that can help you tackle a migration with confidence. Learn how MarkLogic running on Intel Xeon processors can help you get off the mainframe train.

What issues are IT executives most concerned with when dealing with their mainframe systems? What do they believe modernization will achieve with a new generation database?
Mainframes are expensive and difficult to manage. Learn about the benefits of moving to a MarkLogic and Intel solution for your data.
Discover how moving from a mainframe hierarchical data model to a MarkLogic document data model can bring more value.

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