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Digital transformation is about changing fundamental business processes to more easily leverage all data-generating activities. Doing so requires a data-centric infrastructure that allows you to integrate all your data silos into a single, agile platform.

Enter MarkLogic. With its “ask anything” search and semantic capabilities, enterprise features, and accurate reporting, our Enterprise NoSQL database makes it easier to adapt to change and innovate faster than ever before.

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry from MarkLogic

Digital Transformation is More Than Storing Data

Beyond mere data storage, going digital allows for faster, better-informed business decisions. True digital transformation enables organizations to deliver relevant content to users when and where they need it.

To stay competitive and future-proof your business, you have to work smarter to keep your audience engaged. To do that, you need to quickly capture, store, manage, disperse, and segment data from myriad data sources.

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Faster Easier Data Integration

Engage With a 360 View

To delight your customers instead of annoying them, you need a database platform that lets you capture their likes and dislikes — with minimal disruption to your business. Find out how you can benefit from customer-centricity.

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Future Proof Your Enterprise

The platform you build today should satisfy your needs tomorrow. You need a flexible platform that can be deployed anywhere, handle any type of data, and provide the most robust security available.

An Operational Data Hub for Every Enterprise

Simplify Your Infrastructure

Simplicity meets functionality in MarkLogic, which unifies data silos to form a single source of truth. Discover and distribute content more easily and efficiently with a multi-model database.

Learn how Pearson uses MarkLogic to transform and simplify their infrastructure.

Power Business Success

Data Integration is no easy feat, especially under a time cooker. Success depends on the efficient and consistent delivery of the right information, to the right place, at the right time.

Discover how Aetna uses an Operational Data Hub to overcome business challenges.

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Kick Off Your Digital Transformation With an Operational Data Hub

Today’s data-driven economy requires a data-first architecture to better leverage information. Unify your enterprise with data-centric architecture: Your data deserves better.  Embrace change with architecture agility.

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