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The Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

MarkLogic’s Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D is a single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data available. Whether it’s publications, authors, genes, or drugs — structured and unstructured, public and private — it’s all made available through the hub. Because data is integrated 10x faster than with custom-developed solutions, users get faster access to more data. And, delivered as an enterprise cloud service, it deploys in minutes with no IT management burden and has a level of security and scalability that other solutions can’t match.

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For pharmaceutical companies, the discovery of new molecules and the cost of developing a successful medicine can take up to 15 years and $2.6 billion — slowing potentially life-saving drugs from getting to the patients who need them and resulting in abandonment of drug trials when faced with potential failure. In this industry, even small improvements to streamline R&D processes can lead to substantially higher revenue and lower costs. To achieve those goals, pharmaceutical companies need to leverage their massive data assets that include decades of research and clinical trial data.

The challenge is that researchers are often unable to access the information they need. And, even when data does get consolidated, researchers find it difficult to sift through it all and make sense of it in order to confidently draw the right conclusions and share the right results. Of course IT departments that serve the R&D organization are working to solve this problem, but they are often stuck focusing on the IT plumbing rather than building end-user solutions.

MarkLogic Research Hub

Benefits of the Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

The hub enables researchers to quickly and easily find, synthesize, and share information, which speeds up and improves the R&D pipeline for your company’s next blockbuster drug.

Advance Discovery and Collaboration

Powered by advanced capabilities—semantics, fuzzy matching and AI, relevance ranking, and rich metadata—the hub delivers the highest-quality search results possible, then makes it easy to securely share results with colleagues, and stay alerted to any changes to the data.

10x Faster Integration of Pharma Data

The hub ensures that researchers have all the data they need at their fingertips because it’s all quickly integrated using MarkLogic’s fast data pipelines. With the hub, researchers have the data they require, and IT isn’t weighed down by complex data integration.

Built on an Enterprise Platform

The hub is built on the MarkLogic Data Hub Platform, an enterprise-grade system that can be scoped to small data sets or scaled to petabytes. With MarkLogic, you get immediate value, and you get to rely on our expertise in managing infrastructure so your IT department doesn’t have to.

Critical Features for Pharma

Flexible Data Model

Start with pre-loaded data sources, but easily expand and scale at any time. It’s not how many sources you start with, it’s how fast you can load and harmonize the data relevant to your research.

View, navigate, and search the graph of connections in your data by leveraging all the inherent relationships. For example, see how a researcher is connected to institutions, publications, and other peers. And, click into the graph to see what structured data is related to each entity (under the covers, it’s a multi-model database in action!)

Leverage AI and machine learning and get better search results on higher quality data with our Smart Mastering feature. And, also apply quality rules to data exports sent to bioinformatics and AI systems outside the hub.

Receive alerts on new information as soon as it becomes available or is updated in the hub.

Tweak the search results by adjusting weighting, relevance scores, and exclusions—without IT support.

Aggregate your search results—e.g., key publications, experts, compounds, and more—in one place for reference and sharing with colleagues.

MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub diagram

Built on a Powerful Enterprise Platform

MarkLogic Data Hub Platform

The underlying platform powering the Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D is trusted by thousands of organizations around the world:

  • Modern NoSQL capabilities – Multi-Model ∙ Built-in Search ∙ Scalable
  • Trusted enterprise capabilities – Secure ∙ Highly Available ∙ 100% Data Consistency

MarkLogic Data Hub Service

The pharma hub is deployed using the MarkLogic Data Hub Service, an automated cloud service that provides a simple, no-friction deployment option:

  • Deploys in minutes – Zero infrastructure ∙ Zero management
  • Low, predictable cost – Subscription service ∙ No spikes


Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

Integrate all pharma data 10x faster with the hub—a single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data available, including publications, authors, genes, drugs, and more.

Accelerate R&D
Data hub + Cloud service
The MarkLogic Data Hub Service

You don’t have to spend time stitching together multiple services in an attempt to assemble all the functionality you need. The MarkLogic Data Hub Service has it all–with unmatched security and governance.

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Real Results for Life Sciences

From R&D to supply chain, pharmacovigilance, and real world evidence generation—MarkLogic is enabling pharmas to rapidly ingest, access, and achieve insight from all of their pharmaceutical data at less time and cost.

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