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MarkLogic Data Hub Central

Data Hub Central is the UI of MarkLogic Data Hub for continuous data integration. It provides a collaborative, self-service experience for data experts to curate, explore, and share consistent and fit-for-purpose data – all without writing any code.

What is MarkLogic Data Hub Central?

Data Hub Central provides a no-code/low-code UI for agile teams to collaborate when integrating, curating, and accessing data using MarkLogic Data Hub. It makes it simple for everyone on the team — data architects, data stewards, data engineers, and business analysts — to implement an iterative, model-driven data integration process. Users get an always-on, real-time view of their hub as they configure and run curation services to harmonize and master the data, and share fit-for-purpose data with complete security and governance.

Building Your Data Hub Has Never Been This Easy

Unified Experience

Get a single, shared user experience that breaks down both data silos and organizational silos, improves your team’s workflow, and increases access to trusted data assets.

Faster Time to Value

Unlock better, timely intelligence by integrating data from any source in weeks (not months or years) using configurable, extensible curation and search services within your cloud ecosystem.

Durable Data Assets

Build a unified, governed, actionable 360 view of data that can be continually enhanced and repurposed to create durable data assets for operational and analytical use cases.

Uniquely Agile

You need to integrate data quickly but your traditional approach just doesn’t cut it. PWC estimates that 51% of companies lack the data integration capabilities needed to be agile. It’s time to embrace a new approach that brings agile principles to the data layer.

Data Hub Central helps your team embrace agile principles by enabling an iterative approach — you can load data as is, iteratively curate and explore data, and evolve your model over time to meet changing business needs. With Hub Central, you can get critical data work done faster, breaking down data silos and organizational silos.

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