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Pharmacovigilance data is growing everyday as organizations seek to drive adverse event detection and reporting with more data, real time data, and published literature. As the volume of this data continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to operationalize. Harmonizing, semantic enrichment, and making searchable all of the available data is the first step to detecting relevant signals and exposing critical insights.

This presentation outlines the challenges of using real world data for pharmacovigilance, and the implications of current inefficient data search and integration capabilities. Featured speakers will discuss how a next generation semantic operational data hub can advance all aspects of pharmacovigilance and increase your organization’s ability to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape.

Join this webinar discussion to learn:

  • How traditional data architectures limit adverse event reporting and compliance
  • How semantic databases can bring context and meaning to diverse data sets
  • How a metadata catalog can deliver immediate insights by delivering relevant search results

Bill Fox
Chief Strategy Officer, Healthcare and Life Sciences, MarkLogic
Bill Fox, JD MA, is Global CSO of Healthcare and Life Sciences at MarkLogic. Bill is known as a nationally recognized healthcare, life sciences, insurance, data strategy and analytics business leader. A former State and Federal prosecutor, law firm partner, consultant and technology executive, he has established a reputation as a leading voice on issues related to healthcare analytics, big data, payment integrity, data security, compliance, strategy and risk.

Imran Chaudhri
Chief Architect, Healthcare & Life Sciences, MarkLogic
Imran Chaudhri is the Chief Architect for Healthcare & Life Sciences at MarkLogic. Imran joined MarkLogic to bring enterprise NoSQL based operational data hubs for integration & analytics to healthcare and pharmaceutical organization. Imran co-founded Apixio with the vision of solving the clinical data overload problem and developed a HIPAA compliant clinical big data analytics platform. Previously, Imran co-founded Anka Systems to develop EyeRoute, the world’s first distributed cloud based big data ophthalmic image management system.