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Data is perhaps the most critical asset to deliver on the sweeping changes Industry 4.0 promises. And yet data isn’t often the foremost topic in the Industry 4.0 conversations even though getting the value from data requires strategy, innovation and even cultural change.

This webinar will look at the current industrial landscape and its approach to data. From the strategic value of data to the practical, hands on lessons that leading organizations like Boeing, Eaton and Chevron are learning.

Many traditional data approaches fall far short of being able to manage the complexity of industrial data and can actually hinder making that data securely and operationally available.

These organizations are “Industrializing Their Data” – investing in data as an asset that is as critical as their people, processes and materials – and their projects are creating efficiency, improving quality and safety, and enabling workers today while building a foundation of data across their organizations.

Join this session to learn:

  • How data is of strategic value for Industry 4.0
  • What investments need to be made to deliver the value of data
  • How you can Industrialize your data and join the leaders delivering on the vision of Industry 4.0
Speaker Details:
John F. Carrier, Senior Lecturer of System Dynamics, MIT Sloan School of Management
Matt Turner, Chief Strategy Officer, Media and Manufacturing


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