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This report by Inside Reference Data gathers together leading data management professionals to discuss the latest developments in enterprise data management. Editor Michael Shashoua notes in his Editor’s Letter… “The deployment of big data resources for the purpose of enterprise data management (EDM) has made inroads for EDM, but is not completely driving it, as MarkLogic’s Ken Krupa tells us in the Virtual Roundtable in this report. The “three V” concept – meaning volume, velocity and variety as descriptions of data big flows that have proved challenging for EDM – has been magnified. While the data available for EDM may be taking off on the power generated by the “three Vs,” many in the industry see EDM’s strength in possibilities such as data alignment and centralization, not necessarily in addressing the “three V” whirlwind. The participants in the Roundtable in this report consider how EDMs themselves continue to exist with the range of challenges now involved.”