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After the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s stated that “the clinical trial system is broken,” regulatory agencies began working to formally figure out how real world evidence will be used in new drug submissions and for new uses of existing drugs. The business potential is huge: organizations can reduce the time and cost of bringing new drugs to market by relying on existing real world data and new sources of unstructured data, e.g., EHRs and social media. Most importantly, this real world data can get patient-saving drugs to market more quickly with fewer post-release adverse events.

The challenges in using new real world data—and turning it into valuable real world evidence—lies in its diversity of format and structure, its lower signal-to-noise ratio compared to clinical study data, and the constant emergence of ever new sources. To extract greater value from this variable data, pharmaceutical companies will be forced to innovate, and a big part of this transformation will be driven by moving from antiquated and siloed IT infrastructures to the modern data management platform.

The featured speakers in this webinar will discuss how a next-generation semantic operational data hub can be used to build dynamic cohorts in real-time using all forms of real world data—significantly shortening the time traditionally wasted on data wrangling and ETL—to achieve faster results at a lower cost.


Saša MitrovićSaša Mitrović
Senior Principal Solutions Engineer, MarkLogic
Saša Mitrović is a data integration specialist. In his role as Senior Principal Solution Engineer at MarkLogic he helps customers create more value out of their data by creating operational data hubs and breaking out of the traditional data-silo pattern. Before joining MarkLogic in 2015, he gathered many years of software development experience working as an engineer, architect and product owner. Saša worked in finance, telco, geospatial and life science industries, helping companies build and improve their enterprise software offerings as well as cloud-based services.

Bill FoxBill Fox
Chief Strategy Officer, Healthcare and Life Sciences, MarkLogic
Bill Fox, JD MA, is Global CSO of Healthcare and Life Sciences at MarkLogic. Bill is known as a nationally recognized healthcare, life sciences, insurance, data strategy and analytics business leader. A former State and Federal prosecutor, law firm partner, consultant and technology executive, he has established a reputation as a leading voice on issues related to healthcare analytics, big data, payment integrity, data security, compliance, strategy and risk.

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