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For the last 40 years most pharma companies have employed traditional service-oriented architectures to run their business and data warehouses to observe their business. The data warehousing architecture has undergone significant change with the introduction of the Hadoop ecosystem and its ability to handle big data. The next generation of treatments and compliance regulations will, however, require combining data from multiple operational silos in real-time to more efficiently run the business. A new architectural pattern, called the operational data hub, is now being used to manage the big data needed to run pharmaceutical businesses. This talk, presented by MarkLogic, Solutions Architect, Imran Chaudhri, will review traditional IT operations, compare it with the operational data hub, and provide real use cases from pharma industry that demonstrate its impact. The use cases will cover Real World Evidence, Identification of Medicinal Products, Product Labels and Global Product Registrations, Knowledge Management, Clinical Trial Operations, and Trial Master File.

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