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Learn what NoSQL is – and isn’t. This Dummies eBook provides an overview of NoSQL technology, defines key terms, and explains the difference in DBMSes.
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Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.
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Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.
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A look-ahead white paper discussing some of the trends in financial markets and offering a technology perspective on how to stay on top of them.
Success of real world evidence development efforts depends heavily upon your organization’s capacity to generate results in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. Is your organization equipped for success?
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Découvrez comment MarkLogic aide les producteurs et distributeurs cinéma et TV à obtenir un avantage concurrentiel grâce à un hub de données opérationnelles. Le hub de données élimine les silos, unifie les données d'entreprise, permet la réutilisation des contenus et facilite la création et la diffusion efficaces de contenu.
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Take a close look at the new security features in MarkLogic, providing Advanced Encryption, Element Level Security, and Redaction.
Ce livre blanc vous montre comment la technologie peut faciliter la gestion du risque, la fidélisation de la clientèle et l'accélération de l'activité grâce à l'efficacité opérationnelle. Ce sont les trois défis les plus urgents que les assureurs doivent relever, tous liés en réalité au même défi : aucune vision complète de la vérité n'existe aujourd'hui.
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Watch the third in our 5-part What's New in MarkLogic 9 series: MarkLogic 9 Manageability Features.
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Register for the second in our 5-part What's New in MarkLogic 9 series: MarkLogic 9 Data Integration Features.
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The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Azure provides the flexibility to build a single, actionable 360-degree view of data in the cloud, whether fully on Azure or in a hybrid cloud environment.
Watch and hear how a new approach to MDM can increase your effectiveness and help you show results sooner. In addition, we’ll explore real world examples using this new MDM approach, and explain how an Operational Data Hub can help enable Agile Mastering.
Eine flexible Datenbankplattform reduziert den Zeit- und Kostenaufwand, um belegbare Daten zu erhalten. Abstract: Erfahren Sie, wie sie Ihre Daten schneller und sicher auswerten können, mit einer Datenbankplattform, die heterogene Daten effizient auswerten kann.
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Get an overview of the new features in MarkLogic 9, the most ambitious release yet.
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Learn how MarkLogic's engineering team applies best practices, tools, and techniques to build the most secure product possible.
In diesem Whitepaper erfahren Sie wie Sie eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf Ihre Kundendaten, die verteilt in verschiedenen Anwendunen sitzen, gewinnen können.
In diesem White Paper erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre Compliance Aufwände optimieren können.
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Votre Guide GDPR pour les spécialistes du Transport
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Avec comme conséquence des amendes pouvant atteindre 4 % des recettes globales, sans oublier le risque de voir sa réputation ternie et celui de perdre des clients, le non-respect des réglementations en matière de protection des données n'est pas envisageable.
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MarkLogic has focused on providing optimal data security from the start, and has granular, certified security that is required for mission-critical use cases.
Are you leveraging your real world data to its best advantage? Learn three key signs that your technology solution is slowing down your efforts to efficiently deliver real world evidence.
Pioneering companies are proving that production data can be used to reduce complexity on set and drive reporting.
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With our partner Tahzoo, watch this webinar to identify a practical approach to using data-driven insights to understand and engage your customer.

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