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Learn what NoSQL is – and isn’t. This Dummies eBook provides an overview of NoSQL technology, defines key terms, and explains the difference in DBMSes.
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Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.
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Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.
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The Compliance Archive feature in MarkLogic helps meet the guidelines for document retention, accuracy, and availability—while not hampering the ability to cost-effectively scale your system and search your data.
Accelerate your MiFID II compliance within 30 days
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In this technical white paper, we take a close look at our security functionality, and discuss the MarkLogic Security Model that supports developing secure applications on MarkLogic.
Data security is a top priority for organizations and there are a plethora of tactical details that DevOps and security experts need to worry about. But, what should CIOs, architects, and business leaders focus on at a strategic level?
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In this session, we will take you through a checklist that will prepare you, including both business and technical considerations for running MarkLogic in the cloud on both AWS and Azure.
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Advanced Security in MarkLogic includes capabilities such as External Key Management, Redaction, and Compartment Security. These additional features help maintain database security.
Présentation de MarkLogic au Salon Banque & Innovation 2017. Du Data Hub Opérationnel au GDPR, contextualisation des données
Watch this video to see how MarkLogic and Intel's joint policing and law enforcement solution helps you aggregate multiple sources of data to deliver insight and intelligence in real time.
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This video will show you a sophisticated search application including dashboards. The app was built on a NoSQL database. Check it out and learn how you get to results faster.
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Cognizant is one of MarkLogic's strongest partners, hear directly from them on what data issues clients bring up and they can solve with MarkLogic.
Wrangling your Real World Data with today’s structured and unstructured data can be a real world time drain in relational technology. Find out how to give your stakeholders the speed they crave with faster time to insights by accelerating Real World Evidence (RWE) with a metadata-driven, semantically enriched operational enterprise database platform.
The growth of financial regulations may be slowing, but compliance costs continue to explode.
Financial institutions need agile reporting to keep up with evolving regulations and fast-moving competition.
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White Papers | All Industries
In diesem White Paper erfahren Sie alle wichtigen Neuerungen über unsere neue Version MarkLogic 9.
Ce livre blanc concerne un élément clé de tout programme de GRC : la conformité réglementaire. Nous étudions les coûts associés, les pratiques et les risques actuels, recommandons une approche orientée vers la technologie et examinons les principaux avantages commerciaux pour les entreprises de services financiers, d’assurances et de distribution d’énergie.
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Register for the final session in our 5-part What's New in MarkLogic 9 series: Introducing Ops Director in MarkLogic 9.
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Partnership looks to expand MarkLogic's global footprint.

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