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In this MarkLogic World keynote with Sandy Carter, she discuss how organizations can be more innovative, looking at the importance of culture and curiosity in today’s fast changing landscape. Sandy Carter is Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Global Programs, driving growth in the public sector internationally, as well as in the United States. She previously built an enterprise workload team as the Vice President of Enterprise Workloads at AWS focused on migration and modernization through containers and serverless. She is the author of Extreme Innovation: Three Superpowers for Purpose and Profit. Sandy was named 2020 Top 15 Cloud Computing Influencers on Twitter, 2020 Top 50 Digital Influencer, 2020 Top 15 IoT Influencers, Lifetime Achievement Winner, ‘Excellence in Cloud Achievement’ for 2019, AI Innovator of the Year Nominee in 2019, Top 10 AI Influencers for 2019, Top 10 Cloud Computing Influencer, Top 39 Engineers by Business Insider 2019, and Top 10 Women in Technology by CNN. Sandy is the Chairman of the Board of Girls in Tech, and an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley.

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