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The Why and How of Linked Data

What is semantics and why should you be using it? This white paper provides an overview of this new technology and discusses key ways organizations are using MarkLogic Semantics today.

Organizations are finding they can make better-informed decisions, reduce risk, and convey more accurate information by combining documents, data, and now RDF triples (also known as Linked Data)—all in MarkLogic.

MarkLogic’s combination Document, Data, and Triple store, the only one of its kind, provides even greater insights by searching across all kinds of information, from many sources—from text-based documents to ontologies to facts gleaned from Linked Open Data. This simple, streamlined architecture uses a single, horizontally-scalable database to handle XML, text, RDF, JSON, and binaries, and to query across all your information – eliminating redundancy, complexity and latency.