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Getting data from today’s television and film production and post-production workflows may seem like you’re moving through molasses. Mired in manual processes, attempting to manage and automate data during the creation stage of your content’s lifecycle can sometimes feel like a losing battle as the demands of creatives constantly move forward. When you consider the multiple, disparate software applications that have been developed to assist you and your teams you’ll quickly realize that many existing tools don’t share even the most basic information in a meaningful way. This data disconnect also makes it even more challenging to manage complex and siloed metadata being collected from these technology solutions.

Join Lulu Zezza, Physical Production Executive for New Regency Productions, Matt Turner, Media & Entertainment CTO, MarkLogic, and Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA as they discuss:

  • Metadata’s value and its evolution, beyond delivery and experiences, to harnessing critical production data
  • Results of taking a new approach to bring this data together with context and meaning that impacts other business unit roles
  • How the New Regency team created a software driven production data hub that is enabling creatives to work seamlessly on the project, in a comfortable UI/UX driven environment, with executives able to analyze data and utilize it for residuals management and product placement receivables

Take a deep dive into how New Regency is enabling the flow of meaningful production data within their stack – from production tools running in Microsoft Azure, to data integrated with MarkLogic, and in partnership with Avanade, to reporting and analytics powered by Microsoft Power BI.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to tackle and integrate your production and post-production data today. You’ll be on your way to making it your newest action(able) superstar!