We’ve joined forces with Smartlogic to reveal smarter decisions—together.

In this video we will show you an application with sophisticated search capabilities.

  • Add any kind of content to the data platform without the need of defining a schema first. Twitter, RSS-news, stock price information, PDF and MS Word documents – mix public or internal content
  • Google-like search that queries across all your content regardless of how the data is structured (or unstructured!)
  • Quickly filter down your search by using facets
  • Add your custom sources of data, drag & drop PDF or Word documents
  • Tag your unstructured content using 3rd party semantical data-mining API
  • Visualize your data in various format such as KPI indicators, bar charts and tag clouds and use these as part of your search
  • Store search profiles for later recall

If you are interested in learning more, please have a look at the following links:

Searching with Constraints and Facets
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