As firms seek customer obsession they realize that it’s time to reevaluate splintered approaches to data, insights and customer experience. They must take the lead from a new breed of insights-driven businesses which consolidate their customer understanding across digital moments of engagement to deliver joint-up customer experiences. These firms do this at every opportunity and at scale and are eating the businesses of those that don’t.

In this second of our series of webinars, on rationalizing your digital experience architecture through the lens of content, data and experience, join guest speaker, Principal Analyst, James McCormick, of Forrester Research as we define what it is to be insights-driven; describe the business case; and pick apart the strategies of firms that are leading the charge. Together with Tahzoo and supported by MarkLogic, we’ll also look at real-life examples of firms which are turning data-driven insights, into working models of personalized digital experiences for competitive advantage.

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