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Title: Solving New Data Challenges With MarkLogic

講演者: MarkLogic セールスエンジニアリング、 プリンシパル・セールス・エンジニア クリス・デイ
Presenter: Chris Day, Principal Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering, MarkLogic

It’s easy to be so focused on the technical challenges of relational schema design, object-relational mapping, and batch ETL that we become blind to the true reality of our data. In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus offers Neo a pill to free his mind from the tyranny of the machines and show him what’s really possible. Today, we have that same choice—to embrace a new approach to data integration that breaks through the limitations of the past. It’s time to escape the Matrix and learn how MarkLogic’s capabilities enable you to think differently about your data. You’ll never think of data integration the same way again.