Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

Presenter: Ken Tune, Senior Principal Consultant, MarkLogic

Most mission-critical data today is locked in legacy relational databases. A typical organization likely has hundreds, or even thousands, of distinct relational databases, each designed to manage a very specific application silo. The inability to accurately search and query across these systems imposes significant risk and cost. In this session we show how to bring relational data from across many different sources into MarkLogic to provide a 360 view of key concepts. We demonstrate with working code how to build repeatable processes for batch, incremental, and real-time movement of relational data into MarkLogic and best practices for data modeling to leverage MarkLogic’s indexes and security model. Finally, we show how to project relational data out of MarkLogic to integrate into existing infrastructure, such as Business Intelligence and reporting tools.

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