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Presenter: Mike Doane, Heathcare Solutions Director, MarkLogic

Evidence suggests that the track record of MDM (Master Data Management) initiatives is not very good. Traditional MDM is often a costly, time-consuming, IT-driven activity that is disconnected from business goals and stakeholders. Even MDM projects that initially meet their goals often suffer during sustainment, or are limited to specific divisions and fail to provide value for the rest of the organization. In this session, we’ll discuss a new way of thinking about MDM. You’ll learn how using an Operational Data Hub (ODH) architecture for an MDM repository will make you successful by enabling a more agile approach. We’ll review a number of use cases where organizations are using MarkLogic for MDM matching and merging, and show a demo of MarkLogic-based MDM in action.

Topics Covered: Master Data Management (MDM), Operational Data Hub (ODH), agility, data integration