Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary



This 75+ page eBook is the most authoritative guide to building and using a data hub, packed with real case studies from across industries.
This webinar will explore how leading Fortune 500 companies are using the MarkLogic Data Hub to integrate their data faster, with lower cost and less risk.
Data security is a top priority for organizations and there are a plethora of tactical details that DevOps and security experts need to worry about. But, what should CIOs, architects, and business leaders focus on at a strategic level?
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See the MarkLogic platform in action to support an Operational Data Store. Our team will demo of how to combine, track, master, analyze & query Medicaid data using the MarkLogic platform. See the MarkLogic mappings, data processing and tools needed to build an ODS that speeds and simplifies MES Modernization efforts.
Semantics is a critical capability integral to your core data infrastructure. In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits of Semantics in the context of a multi-model database, why model-driven Semantic data curation is superior to other approaches, and how Semantics enables you to build smarter applications with better data intelligence.
Bloor Research evaluates top data management platform vendors in their latest market report.
451 Research continues to see enterprises gravitate towards hybrid workloads, with an increasing number of vendors able to satisfy the hybrid processing need.
Learn how multiple state government agencies are modernizing and simplifying their Medicaid Enterprise Systems and Medicaid Management Information Systems architecture with a next-generation Operational Data Store.
The decision of whether – and if so, how – to modernize legacy mission-critical applications is perhaps the most fraught for IT leaders. Recent data from 451 Research suggests that some clarity is beginning to emerge.
HR data can help optimize processes, increase employee satisfaction and improve business agility. This webinar discusses challenges in accessing HR data and how MarkLogic helps customers leverage people data.
Are Your Employees Giving You Five Star Reviews - video podcast.
This report uses eight different scoring dimensions to rate key players in the graph database market. Companies are scored based on their performance, scalability, integration and analytics capabilities, language, and ease of use.
How do you get a 360-degree view of your supply chain? Learn how enterprises are optimizing their supply chain leveraging MarkLogic and technologies like AI, to increase efficiency.
Recording of a group discussion of how to provide users with self-service access to a MarkLogic Data Hub with techniques to enhance search: Semantic Ontologies, Personalization, Facets, Data Enrichment.
Are you properly leveraging your security capabilities? Hear from Jason Hunter, MarkLogic Security Expert, how MarkLogic makes it possible to secure data while still sharing data.
Market sentiment paper on importance of developing 360-degree view of clients for wealth management firms.
What is the value of data if it can’t be analyzed? Learn how MarkLogic is empowering customers to conduct enterprise scale data pulls into analytics engines.
Just over a year until the delivery deadline set by the Cures Final Act Rule. Are you ready? Is your data ready? We're here to help.
Best practices to integrate and leverage mission critical data assets quickly enough to make an impact when business needs demand rapid response to address unplanned requirements.
Learn how data hubs provide the answers for today's data integration problems. And see how you can deploy a data hub in minutes on a fully managed cloud service or your own self-managed data hub in any environment (cloud, hybrid, or on-premises).
Chances are, granularity and bitemporality are not your everyday concern. Be that as it may, by the time you are done reading this article, you will know that both principles, especially if they are combined, have the potential to save your organization millions or even billions in punitive damages, consequent reputation damage and yes, even […]
Learn how MarkLogic data platform mitigates these security challenges to provide a trusted environment for your data and for your peace of mind.
Surviving the disruptive powers of nature. How to embrace the hyperconnected world. The hope for mankind is in world-wide virtual collaboration.
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