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Learn what NoSQL is – and isn’t. This Dummies eBook provides an overview of NoSQL technology, defines key terms, and explains the difference in DBMSes.
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Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.
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Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.
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Join this webinar, presented by Xtalks, as data experts explore the growing challenges and unrealized potential of using real world data for pharmacovigilance. As the volume of data continues to grow, harmonizing, semantic enrichment, and making searchable all of the available data is the first step to detecting relevant signals and exposing critical insights.
Hear a discussion by two experts on integrating data and applying artificial intelligence.
The Haufe Group implements a cloud-based MarkLogic Content Hub to manage complex content and experiences improved search results thanks to modern database technology.
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Data is everywhere. With the growing interconnectedness of people, companies and devices, we are now accumulating increasing amounts of data from an ever-widening variety of channels. New data (or combinations of data) enable innovative use cases and assist in optimizing internal processes. As a result, data is set to have a significant fefect on tomorrow‘s business and will undoubtedly become a value-adding factor.
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In this webinar, Ken Krupa, MarkLogic Enterprise CTO, and regulatory expert panelists consider the conflicts around personal data that result from MiFID II and GDPR requirements
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Learn how the new MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides faster data integration and improved data governance and security, with no infrastructure to buy or manage. The service provides on-demand capacity and auto-scaling, and takes care of key database operations—enabling your team to focus on building apps.
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Gartner placed MarkLogic highest for both its ability to execute and furthest for its completeness of vision in the Challengers quadrant in the new Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Solutions.
MarkLogic’s Data Hub Service allows you to integrate data more simply, using a cloud-based service that ingests, curates and serves up integrated data. Our Quick Start can quickly and easily help you stand up an initial Data Hub in the cloud.
For over 100 years, Mitchell1 has been helping their customers deliver the best possible automotive services. With digital products that leverage data from across the automotive repair lifecycle, and continually responding to customer needs in accessing information with the latest technology, Mitchell1 is ready for the next 100 years.
Listen to our webinar panel discussion with Insurance Post on the changes experienced and still ahead for the insurance industry, as digital transformation programs are implemented.
Take a deep look at how MarkLogic achieves breakthrough high performance, including examples from over a decade of experience.
Expert guidelines for performance testing with MarkLogic based on best practices for running large-scale systems.
Learn the three signs your data isn't working for you – and how MarkLogic has helped unify the digital thread for Industry 4.0 organizations around the globe.
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ML 360 Paris 2018: Innovation & why MarkLogic is the best database for a datahub
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ML360 Paris 2018: MarkLogic Market positioning by David Northmore, AVP EMEA MarkLogic
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Learn how MarkLogic can quickly stand up an efficient data hub alternative to integrate and operationalize your data.
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The MarkLogic Smart Mastering Quick Start service is designed to get you up and running with the major components to tackle your master data management challenges.
By using MarkLogic's Operational Data Hub to create a 360-degree customer view, traditional insurance organizations worldwide are able to improve customer insights and engagement.
Financial services organizations worldwide are under constant pressure to transform and grow while complying with evolving regulatory requirements. Learn how a MarkLogic Operational Data Hub enables you to meet these challenges head on with improved data access and governance.
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Watch the MarkLogic360 event aftermovie with interviews from our keynote speakers: Ministry of Defence, KOOP, ABN AMRO, de Goudse and Sensing Clues.

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