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Learn what NoSQL is – and isn’t. This Dummies eBook provides an overview of NoSQL technology, defines key terms, and explains the difference in DBMSes.
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Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.
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Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.
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The MarkLogic Query Service provides immediate query capacity to handle spikes in demand. And, when demand slows, that extra capacity is removed.
In this session, we will show how Smart Mastering de-duplicates data from disparate sources by automatically identifying, scoring, matching, and merging. The end result: A harmonized view of your data in minutes, not months. After all, apps are only as good as the quality of the data they access.
Maintaining security in your MarkLogic deployment architecture is critical—whether you are deploying a 3- or 30-node cluster. Relying on best practices gleaned from hundreds of actual implementations, this white paper provides recommended architectures and checklists to reference when deploying MarkLogic securely into on-premises infrastructure.
Designed specifically to set your company on an accelerated track to real world evidence delivery, our Quick Start Service features the secure MarkLogic database as an agile, scalable data platform that solves critical limitations and inefficiencies in multi-structured data integration, data governance, and search and discovery.
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If managed properly, metadata enables organizations to integrate their data, govern it, and use it to meet a variety of otherwise intractable business needs. And, the MarkLogic database enables a smarter approach to metadata management that keeps data and metadata together.
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Forget everything you think you know about how to model and integrate data, and learn how MarkLogic can free your data.
Apache NiFi was built to automate the flow of data and it provides a nice drag and drop, configurable user interface. MarkLogic supports its processors built for Apache NiFi, and the integration with Apache NiFi makes it a great choice for loading data into MarkLogic.
Learn how leading Media organizations are using NoSQL, semantics, and the Operational Data Hub pattern to realize the value of their data and make good on the promise of Smart Content.
In an increasingly complex marketplace, financial services organizations need the ability to adapt to changing business needs, navigate the regulatory maze and improve customer experiences.
Ovum takes a close look at Smart Mastering, MarkLogic's alternative to traditional MDM, driving 360 initiatives and GDPR compliance.
Learn the roles and challenges facing key stakeholders in achieving the three essential pillars of digital transformation, and read a case study of an insurer who is transforming their business today.
Learn how ICLR, a leading English authority on case law, uses MarkLogic at the core of its digital transformation strategy.
MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote: CEO Gary Bloom discusses the reasons leading organizations around the world are implementing Operational Data Hubs, and lays out a vision for the future of data management.
MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote: This keynote discussion focuses on providing real-world advice from global innovators. Joe Pasqua will talk to leaders in financial services, media and entertainment, and manufacturing industries about their biggest challenges with data integration.
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MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote: In this MarkLogic World keynote, CTO Ken Krupa walk through the history of enterprise data management and what has led to the technical debt that companies are now having to address.
MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote: What do organizations really want out of their database? In this keynote, David Gorbet continues the MarkLogic journey to a more integrated, better governed, and smarter future.
MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote Fireside Chat: MarkLogic founder and chief architect, Christopher Lindblad, joins colleague Joe Pasqua to talk about what MarkLogic is working on today that will help you solve tomorrow's data challenges.
MarkLogic World 2018 Lightning Talk: Ganesh demostrates how MarkLogic's DMSDK-based NiFi processors allow you to create an ingest dataflow in just a few clicks.
MarkLogic World 2018 Lightning Talk: Business Intelligence (BI) tools let you analyze and visualize your data in valuable and compelling ways…leverage the power of MarkLogic to take analytics to the next level.
MarkLogic World 2018 Lightning Talk: Sara demonstrate's just how fast and easy it is to launch MarkLogic in the cloud.

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