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Learn what NoSQL is – and isn’t. This Dummies eBook provides an overview of NoSQL technology, defines key terms, and explains the difference in DBMSes.
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Join Jim Driscoll as he talks all things NoSQL – get a better understanding of how NoSQL fits into the database universe and what kinds of problems it uniquely solves.
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Learn how databases incorporate semantic technology to make it possible to solve big data challenges that traditional databases aren’t equipped to solve.
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As the challenges facing policing and law enforcement agencies grow in volume and complexity, the need to transform and meet these challenges head-on has never been greater. The recognition of the role and importance of data and the necessity to unlock insights and deliver actionable intelligence is evident. Likewise the need to manage, search, analyse and present data quickly, efficiently and securely is central to the transformation that is taking place in Digital Policing.
View this webinar, featuring David Kaaret, Principal Sales Engineer, MarkLogic, to learn how you can use MarkLogic to obtain a consolidated view of all Residential Mortgage Backed Securities data before and after legal proceedings have commenced.
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Discover how an ODH can help clean up your data lake and allow you to access and use all your valuable data.
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Learn how MarkLogic works with academic institutions to teach NoSQL database technology and help students learn valuable new skills.
Are you giving your customers the digital experience they want? Learn three key signs that outdated technology is hampering your digital transformation strategy.
With MarkLogic, the OECD’s central data hub could integrate and store 22,000 books, 1,100 periodicals and series, 83,000 chapters, 4700 multilingual summaries, 80 statistics databases, 2,400 datasets and indicators and their associated metadata quickly.
M*Modal currently supports over 1,000 hospital systems, thousands of concurrent users, and 36,000 queries and millions of transcription documents each day.
Industry leader achieves agility, 360 view that were unattainable with a relational database.
Lagardère Active built a central repository to manage all content and publishing company-wide.
For every hr | ReFlex installation deployed at a client, MI collects the data resulting from insurance applications as they travel through the different stages of the digital insurance sales process.
MarkLogic enables a global, tier-1 investment bank to achieve first-to-publish status — critical for helping the bank to grow and retain readership of its investment research and analysis.
MarkLogic’s schema-agnostic data model ingests data as-is and adapts to modifications, as new data sources are included and as policies or regulations change, to help meet tight deadlines.
Watch Broadridge Chief Architect and Innovation Officer Paolo Pelizzoli discuss why MarkLogic is an ideal option for financial services.
ALM leverages the MarkLogic database to meet revenue goals by creating a 360 customer view that allows ALM to deliver tailored content to customers and advertisers.
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Think differently about your data. Learn how healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are gaining invaluable insights from HOER and RWE. Join this on-demand webinar with Bill Fox, MarkLogic CTO for Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Dr. Patti Peeples, Principal Health Economist for the HE Institute.
Data is critical to your mission – it’s essential for efficient & effective decision making. However, information is stuck in silos and you are lacking situational awareness. Why are you wasting it?
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Watch this on-demand webinar and discover how you can harness the power and potential of your organization's metadata using Enterprise NoSQL technology.
The amount of all source data such as imagery and full-motion video (FMV) – has been rising over the past decade and analysts are flooded information and raw products. Artificial intelligence (AI) is needed to improve situational awareness to be propagated to the warfighters.
MarkLogic is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing environment, leveraging security infrastructure and best practices to ensure that the database is itself a secure product, and that it has all the features you need to manage your data throughout its lifecycle.

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Forget everything you think you know about NoSQL databases and learn what makes MarkLogic unique. View a comprehensive list of features and start reaping the benefits now.

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