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Enterprise-Grade HA/DR To Eliminate Downtime

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

MarkLogic has enterprise-grade high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) so that you can have confidence that your data is always available and scheduled downtime is minimized, reducing risk and avoiding interruptions.

With MarkLogic, your data is always available on a hardened platform with uncompromising data resiliency. Surprisingly, that is not true with most other NoSQL databases. Virtually every database promises high availability when a node fails. But most NoSQL databases don’t have ACID transactions, so how can they guarantee consistency after a failover or recovery event? The truth is, to be resilient, you need enterprise-grade HA/DR and ACID Transactions.

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Database Replication for Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery protects against failures of an entire data center (power outages, natural disasters, etc.). With disaster recovery, you can backup selected components or the entire database—using SSL out-of-the-box. You can also do incremental backups, coupled with journal archiving, in order to restore the database to a point-in-time that minimizes the recovery point objective (RPO) and uses less storage.

Flexible Replication for Disconnected, Intermittent, and Latent Networks

Getting data when and where you need it can be challenging—and even risky or impossible. Global organizations often run into latency issues trying to replicate data from centralized data centers to remote areas. And, for military operations in particular, replicating data to the field is often problematic because of cybersecurity concerns and technical roadblocks created by adversaries armed with signal jamming equipment. MarkLogic’s Flexible Replication is the perfect solution for sharing data across disconnected, intermittent, and latent networks.

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Automated Failover for High Availability

High availability requires continuity within a cluster, protecting against component failure with computers, networking equipment, and power supplies. Marklogic clusters are protected against these sorts of failures by providing fault tolerance in both evaluator nodes (e-nodes) and data nodes (d-nodes). If either an e-node or d-node fails, other nodes automatically pick up the workload so that the data stored in forests is always available. High availability works with either local disk failover on DAS or SSD, or shared disk storage such as SAN, Amazon S3, or HDFS.

Building an Architecture That Won't Fail

Wondering how you can build resilient clusters? View this webinar to see the key things you need to know to build an architecture that stands up under the burgeoning pressures of data and users.

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A Top Five Investment Bank runs its operational trade store on MarkLogic, processing over 100,000 complex trades each day that typically result in about 32 million live deals in the system at any one time. HA and DR is necessary to minimize downtime and risk.

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Logo for Healthcare Dot Gov runs on MarkLogic, achieving over 5,500 transactions per second and enabling over 8 million people to sign up for health insurance in its first year of operation. In order for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to be successful they needed a proven, trusted database to keep data online.

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Guide to Understanding HA/DR in MarkLogic

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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