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Who, What, When, and Where?

That frequent question is the basis for organizing military operations, analyzing land use, mapping assets and utilities, and even figuring out who received a shipment at 1 am in Hamburg.

Our database provides a single platform to natively store, manage, and search geospatial data—including points of interest, intersecting paths, and regions of interest. That data is all stored with context, as MarkLogic also handles other data about entities (people, places, and things), relationships (semantics, or “linked data”), imagery and video (large binaries), and time (temporal data). MarkLogic provides powerful geospatial search capabilities – for the most demanding geospatial applications.

Key Capabilities

For more than a decade, customers have relied on us to run their mission-critical geospatial applications, even in situations where resources are considered inadequate to process, exploit, and disseminate data.

Ideal for Unstructured Data

Built-in search that allows queries of free-text that may be tied directly to geospatial data. For example, there may be notes attached to an entity displayed on a map that now become searchable because we index that content.

Extreme Precision

MarkLogic’s double precision enables more precise, high-resolution search queries and operations (e.g., when a geological survey agency needs to monitor objects that move in sub-meter increments).

Integration With Leading Geospatial Vendors

Leading geospatial mapping vendors including Esri ArcGIS, OpenGeo Suite, Berico Rivium, OGC-compliant GIS tools, and SPARQL-compliant semantic visualization tools are proven to integrate with MarkLogic, providing robust visualization capabilities and real-time access for users to put multi-dimensional geospatial data to work within a web interface.

Enterprise-Grade Database

MarkLogic is the only NoSQL database that has the enterprise features organizations require, including granular data security, high availability and disaster recovery, and transactional consistency.

Create A New Breed of Geospatial Applications

Complex Geospatial Query Capability

Which zip codes does this flight travel over?

Supported Features Out of the Box

Geospatial Data Types
  • Point
  • Box
  • Circle
  • Complex polygon (WKT)
  • Linestring (WKT)
  • GML
  • KML
  • GeoRSS
  • Metacarta
  • GeoJSON
  • Point query
  • Box query
  • Radius query
  • Polygon query
  • Intersection
  • Containment
  • Distance
  • Shortest distance
  • Destination
  • Region search

Advanced Geospatial Add-Ons

This add-on feature provides geospatial alerting at massive scale to support the most advanced geospatial applications. The option provides the following, additional capabilities:

Geospatial Alerting

An easy-to-use API that leverages MarkLogic’s indexes to deliver real-time geospatial alerts at scale.

Region Search APIs

APIs that allow users to draw polygons on a map that contain or intersect areas of interest.

Double Precision

Extremely precise mapping for the most demanding applications (includes wgs84/double, etrs89/double, and raw/double).

Feature-Rich and Built for the Enterprise

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