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Your Data Deserves to Run Anywhere

Flexible Deployment

With MarkLogic, build your application once and run it anywhere, whether on-premises, virtualized, or in the cloud. Your business should dictate where your data lives, not the limitations of your database.

With other databases, you must choose up front where to deploy, and you have little flexibility to change later. Most other databases are purpose-built for each particular environment—you run different versions of that vendor’s software depending on the environment. Another reason is simply a licensing model designed to favor vendors—if you migrate to the cloud, you must buy a new cloud-specific license.

MarkLogic takes a different approach: It’s the same product. You get one enterprise product that runs in the environment of your choice. If you start on-premises and migrate to the cloud later on, that is okay. And, MarkLogic has been successfully running in production cloud environments for almost a decade.

The BBC's Cloud-based App

To support its growing user base and multi-platform distribution, the BBC built its iPlayer TV-streaming service using MarkLogic. After launching iPlayer, the system handed three billion requests within the first year of production, all on the cloud.

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Key Benefits

Built for the Cloud, With Flexibility to Change

Proven to Be Cloud Neutral

No vendor lock-in to proprietary cloud technologies. MarkLogic runs on AWS, Azure, and Google

Proven in Traditional Environments

MarkLogic is proven in private and hybrid cloud, and on-premises

Flexibility to Change

If you start on-premises and migrate to the cloud later on, that is okay

Supports Multi-Cloud Architecture

Independence to run your primary system with one cloud vendor, disaster recovery with another, and run development on a third

Independent Access Control

Simplify the process of switching system integrators, cloud vendors, or subcontractors using advanced security features

Deploy MarkLogic on AWS

Deploy MarkLogic in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and maintain all of the enterprise features of MarkLogic, including ACID transactions, HA/DR, certified security, and elasticity. For AWS, MarkLogic provides pre-packaged cloud formation templates and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for creating managed clusters on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). You can quickly add or remove hosts in a cluster, and can deploy across Amazon availability zones without any loss of data or downtime.

Benefits of Running MarkLogic on AWS:

  • Easy-to-access AMIs and Cloud Formation templates provided by MarkLogic
  • 1-Click AMIs provide the fastest, easiest way to deploy MarkLogic on Amazon EC2 using general purpose EBS volumes
  • Extensive guidance in the forms of docs, presentations, tools, and open source code examples
  • Seamless feature integration, including security, monitoring, HA/DR, and more all designed for the cloud

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Deploy MarkLogic on Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers in over 40 regions. The MarkLogic platform on Azure makes it easy to scale apps and projects up or down without downtime and with optimal deployment and transactional consistency, giving organizations maximum operational efficiency.

Benefits of Running MarkLogic on Azure:

  • Easy-to-access MarkLogic Azure image in the marketplace (CentOS based)
  • Simple-to-use Azure solution template for single node and three node clusters
  • Collaborative customer support partnership with Azure (extend to Windows on Azure)
  • Clear guidance and examples in the MarkLogic on Azure Quick Start Guide

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