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Feature-Rich Database to Integrate Data Better and Faster

NoSQL Speed and Scale. Relational Reliability. All in a Single Database Platform.

Ingest data into MarkLogic as is, without worrying about predefined schemas and complex ETL. MarkLogic’s flexible, multi-model approach lets you bring in data from anywhere—relational databases, mainframes, fileservers, Hadoop—or any other source. It’s that easy.

MarkLogic In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Load As Is
Flexible, Multi-Model Approach

Document Database – Native JSON and XML storage
RDF Triple Store – Graph capabilities with Semantics
Relational Data – Relational views of your data

That’s not all, MarkLogic also stores… Geospatial data (Store GML, KML, and GeoRSS. Integrate with ESRI ArcGIS and Google Maps), Large binaries (Store videos, PDFs, etc.)

This approach makes it possible to integrate data of any type:

  • Structured data, Unstructured data, Metadata, Regulated data, ERP Systems, Mainframe data, Geospatial Data, IoT, Clickstream, + more

And integrate data from any source:

  • Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, Netsuite, MS Excel, NoSQL, Hadoop, File System, + more

MarkLogic is a database with the heart of a search engine. Using the “Ask Anything” Universal Index, data is indexed immediately when it is loaded so you can immediately begin asking questions of your data.

  • Index at ingest and query endlessly across all of your data
  • Scale to petabytes of data and billions of documents
  • Unlimited real-time alerts on new data at time of ingestion
  • Lightning fast, sub-second results

Use an iterative approach to transforming and enriching data. The MarkLogic approach is faster and easier than traditional ETL.

  • Only harmonize what you need
  • Preserve and query source content as is
  • Update the model later without re-ingesting
  • Preserve and query metadata
  • New schemas don’t break existing apps

Once the data is in a form you like, you can use it in transactional apps, operational apps, or send it to downstream systems using a variety of industry-standard APIs and query languages.

Query Interfaces and APIs – MarkLogic exposes data using a variety of industry-standard query interfaces and APIs that are familiar to developers. Developers don’t need to know everything about MarkLogic, they just need to know the API.

Query languages and APIs include: JavaScript, XQuery, SPARQL, SQL, REST API, Java API, Node.js API, Optic API

Types of applications and systems accessing data in MarkLogic include:

  • Transactional apps: data services, micro-services
  • Analytical apps: real-time trends, integration with BI tools such as Tableau
  • Semantic apps: Ontology managers, OWL reasoners
  • Downstream systems: Analytics in a data warehouse, Hadoop archives, etc.
Where Great Apps Begin – Whether you’re building a transactional or analytical app, MarkLogic is the place to start.
Powerful Shouldn’t Be Complex

The MarkLogic Approach to Data Integration: Data Hub

Traditional approaches to data integration have built up technical debt. A data hub has emerged as a more agile approach to keep up with today’s fast moving business demands. Read this comprehensive guide for enterprise architects and learn the principles of a data hub.

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Powerful Shouldnt Be Complex

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Getting Started

Complete List of MarkLogic Features

All MarkLogic Features...

ACID Transactions
Built-in Search
Certified Security
Compartment Security*
Compliance Archive
Configuration Management
Customizable Failover
Data Rollback
Encryption at Rest
Entity Services
External KMS*
Flexible Deployment
Flexible Replication*
Hadoop Integration
Java API
LDAP and Kerberos Support
MarkLogic Content Pump
Monitoring & Management
Node.js API
Optic API
Point-in-time Recovery
Real-Time Alerting
Redaction and Element Level Security
Rolling Upgrades
Scalability & Elasticity
Server-side JavaScript
Smart Mastering
SQL Support
Tiered Storage*
XA Transactions*

*Paid Options