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MarkLogic Server: Multi-model Database Platform

Any Data, Any Format, Any Purpose

Power your most important applications with a true multi-model database. Create value from complex data—search and query, build new apps, and enrich analytics and machine learning—with MarkLogic Server.

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MarkLogic Server

Key Features

Unlock the value of your complex data and power new opportunities with MarkLogic Server. It’s a database, search engine, data integration tools, mastering capability, and more, all rolled into one. Plus, it’s faster, less expensive, and easier to manage.


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A scalable and future-proof database solution.”

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Built for the Enterprise

MarkLogic Server supports multiple data models, indexes, and programming languages to enable multiple use cases while providing unified data security, governance, and consistency.

ACID Transactions

Applications are easier to code and maintain if the underlying distributed database provides strong data consistency. MarkLogic Server is built for the enterprise as a hardened platform with uncompromising data integrity and durability. This is not true of other non-relational databases that lack true ACID transactions and can suffer data loss during node failures.

While enterprise-grade security is available out-of-the-box, some use cases require even more advanced security for data sharing and further separation of duties using an external KMS, redaction, and compartment security. MarkLogic Server has you covered.

With a search engine built-in to the core of MarkLogic Server, you can spend less time and effort to build and configure indexes for standard queries, and eliminate the need for a bolt-on search engine for full-text search like other databases. With our “Ask Anything” Universal Index, data is indexed upon load so you can immediately begin asking questions—and gaining insights— across all your data.

Deploy faster and more reliably by packaging applications in containers, using Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Your applications continue to run as they’re moved from one environment to another while reducing costs.

Your business—not an IT vendor—should dictate where your data lives and how it’s managed. Flexible deployment options mean you can build your application once and run it anywhere—on premises, virtualized, or in any cloud. Unlike a cloud vendor’s proprietary database that only runs on their cloud, MarkLogic is cloud neutral so you can avoid cloud lock-in. And as your business needs evolve and you need to make changes later, MarkLogic supports a hybrid cloud strategy.

When integrating and managing massive volumes of data, you need a distributed database that scales quickly, easily, and at low cost. MarkLogic utilizes a shared-nothing architecture that scales horizontally on commodity hardware. And, when demand dissipates, it can scale down without complex sharding.

Powerful and flexible information sharing to remote edge nodes is especially useful when dealing with security vulnerabilities or disconnected, intermittent, and latent networks.

Designed for even the most demanding geospatial applications, answer the “where” question in context to all other data. Natively store, manage, and search geospatial data—including points of interest, intersecting paths, and regions of interest—all inside MarkLogic.

Guarantee consistency and durability after a failover or recovery event. MarkLogic is resilient with enterprise-grade High Availability and Disaster Recovery built around ACID transactions. Automated failover provides fault tolerance to avoid interruptions and ensure your data is always available.

At its core, MarkLogic is a multi-model database that supports documents (JSON/XML, JavaScript/XQuery), semantic data (RDF triples, SPARQL), and relational data (tables, SQL). Ingest data and metadata from any source, in any format, and immediately use it for any purpose.

Get the combined benefits of a document store and an RDF triplestore, where semantic data is housed. Semantics is ideal for storing relationships, which is useful for improving data integration, managing metadata, and building applications with highly connected data.

MarkLogic has built-in governance, granular role-based access controls, and more advanced security certifications than any alternative non-relational database. With data security features like client-managed encryption keys, data loss prevention policies, and attribute-based access control, MarkLogic ensures highly secure access to sensitive and personal data.

Master data quickly and automatically in a MarkLogic data hub, without the need for a separate master data management (MDM) tool. MarkLogic leverages fuzzy logic and AI to match and merge data to build your 360-view in the context of all your data.

Store and manage data in different tiers based on cost and performance trade-offs. Easily moving data across tiers without any ETL or expensive infrastructure changes allows you to balance performance and capacity throughout the lifecycle of your data. This makes data governance easier and enables you to meet compliance requirements and performance SLAs.

Guarantee ACID properties for distributed transactions across clusters. Keep your data in sync and maintain ACID properties for distributed transactions between MarkLogic clusters or with another database system.

  • ACID Transactions
  • Bitemporal
  • Built-in Search
  • Certified Security
  • Compartment Security*
  • Compliance Archive
  • Configuration Management
  • Customizable Failover
  • Data Rollback
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Entity Services
  • External KMS*
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Flexible Replication*
  • Geospatial
  • HA/DR
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Java API
  • LDAP and Kerberos Support
  • MarkLogic Content Pump
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Node.js API
  • Optic API
  • Point-in-time Recovery
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • Redaction and Element Level Security
  • Rolling Upgrades
  • Scalability & Elasticity
  • Semantics*
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Smart Mastering
  • SQL Support
  • Telemetry
  • Tiered Storage*
  • XA Transactions*

*Paid Options

Single Resource

Data & Metadata

Don’t waste time stitching together components to manage your complex data. Immediately discover useful connections, enrich and enhance your data, and use a single data service for multiple operational and analytic use cases. MarkLogic Server does it all at enterprise scale and security.

Flexible Deployment & Licensing

Deploy MarkLogic on-premises or in the cloud. Try the free, full-featured version for development use.

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Data & Metadata as a Single Resource

MarkLogic Server

Don’t waste time stitching together components to manage your complex data. Immediately discover useful connections, enrich and enhance your data, and use a single data service for multiple operational and analytic use cases. MarkLogic Server does it all at enterprise scale and security.


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