Guiding Principles

Flexible Deployment

Run It Anywhere

Build your app once and run it in any environment. Our cloud services provide simplicity and predictability while our Essential Enterprise license provides total more control and portability. Either way, you’ll get your project launched faster and at a lower cost compared to the competition.

Predictable Pricing


Our pricing provides the most cost-effective solution for an enterprise Data Hub that’s based on the world’s most powerful multi-mode database. When subscribing to our cloud service, your costs are completely predictable, even when demand is unpredictable. Pricing is transparent with no arbitrary fences or price spikes.

Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Why purchase, connect, and manage separate components? MarkLogic Data Hub Service provides an integrated solution incorporating a document database, triple store, search engine, smart mastering, data harmonization, and much more. It’s designed to integrate data and run modern applications at scale, without the hidden cost of assembling and operating a dozen different components.

Cloud Service

MarkLogic Data Hub Service

MarkLogic Data Hub Service is a fully automated cloud service to integrate data from silos. Based on MarkLogic’s Data Hub technology, the service enables agile teams to immediately start integrating and curating data for both operational and analytical use.

Delivered as a cloud service, it provides on-demand capacity, auto-scaling, automated database operations, and proven enterprise data security — all without worrying about buying and managing infrastructure. But, unlike many cloud services, it is cost-effective and predictable even as enterprise workloads fluctuate.

MarkLogic Data Hub Service pricing is simple and you pay a fixed rate. It’s broken down into compute cost in MarkLogic Capacity Units (MCUs) and storage cost. There is no infrastructure to manage, creating a complete service experience.

$0.125 / MCU per hour
$0.10 / GB per month

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*Prices may vary by region. For full pricing details, download the PDF or visit the AWS Marketplace.

Essential Enterprise Subscription License

Our Essential Enterprise license is a subscription license that provides flexibility and portability to run MarkLogic in any environment. You maintain full control over infrastructure provisioning and operations. Purchase Essential Enterprise licenses directly through a cloud marketplace or contact a MarkLogic Sales representative at +1 877 992 8885 (or use your local number).

AWS Logo

AWS Marketplace

Essential Enterprise subscription license for a full-featured MarkLogic deployment on the AWS cloud.

Starting at $0.99/hour.

Microsoft Azure Logo

Azure Marketplace

Essential Enterprise subscription license for a full-featured MarkLogic deployment on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Bring your own license.

Other Public Clouds

Other Public Clouds

MarkLogic Essential Enterprise licenses can also be used for deployments in other leading cloud environments, such as Google Cloud Platform, NTT DATA, Fujitsu, Rackspace, CenturyLink, Virtustream, VMWare, or the IBM Cloud.

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Data Hub On Premise


Essential Enterprise subscription license for full-featured MarkLogic deployments in your data center. The price includes annual maintenance.

Per 8-core pack license starting at $18K/year.

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Build. Iterate. Innovate. Faster.

Download Our Free, Full-Featured Developer Edition.

You be the judge. Join thousands of developers building and launching apps on MarkLogic by downloading our free, full-featured Developer Edition and test it out for yourself.

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Additional Options

In addition to the robust feature set that comes standard in MarkLogic, there are additional features that you may want to take advantage of for more advanced projects. Please contact Sales for more details around these specific features.



Gain multi-model capabilities with an integrated Triple Store for storing RDF triples

Data Security

Advanced Security

Enhanced enterprise security with external KMS, Redaction, and Compartment Security

Tiered Storage

Tiered Storage

Minimize the cost of storage as your cluster expands by seamlessly transitioning data across tiers



Build advanced geospatial applications with geospatial indexing and query capability

Card Xa Transactions

XA Transactions

Guarantee ACID properties for distributed transactions between clusters

Flexible Replication

Flexible Replication

Customized information sharing, even across disconnected, intermittent, and latent networks


Yes. Any of the additional options that are available can be bought at any time. For example, if you start with no options, but want to add Semantics later on, that is okay.

Yes. The Developer License includes all available options. Currently, that includes Semantics, Advanced Security, Tiered Storage, Geospatial, Flexible Replication, and XA Transactions.

Yes. MarkLogic is designed to store large volumes and varieties of data using a clustered architecture that can scale from a single node up to hundreds of nodes. Contact Sales for more information on how to best size a MarkLogic system for your particular use case.

Yes. In most cases MarkLogic licenses are portable. If you purchase a Subscription license to run MarkLogic on-premises but later on want to run MarkLogic on AWS or with another cloud provider, you will not have to buy another license.

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