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MarkLogic’s Ops Director provides a clear view to see and manage your entire MarkLogic infrastructure – whether it’s across multiple clusters, cloud and on-premises systems, or production, test, and development environments.

Ops Director Screen Shots

Key Benefits

Simple Monitoring

Simpler, centralized monitoring with dashboards and alerts

Real-Time Visibility

Easier IT management with real-time visibility of assets in use and event logs

Fast Troubleshooting

Faster troubleshooting with centralized performance

Monitor Your System From One Place

See a dashboard showing the health of your resources, get alerts, search and filter, and it’s backed up with MarkLogic’s enterprise security controls.

Monitor Your System From One Place 0
Real Time And Historical Data

Manage Real-Time and Historical Data

Quickly view and manage individual nodes in the cluster, see how they are related in the hierarchy, and search across all alerts.

Troubleshoot Issues Quickly

Quickly diagnose and solve issues using deep root-cause analysis and multi-cluster visibility.

Create And Add Troubleshoot
Ops Director Advanced Security

Rely on MarkLogic Advanced Security

Get the benefits of MarkLogic’s fine-grained, enterprise-grade security. Ops Director uses  HTTP/SSL for data transport, certificate-based authentication, encrypted storage, and Role Based Access Control.

Take the Grand Tour

What does Ops Director look like? How can I use it? Watch our product manager go through some of the key Ops Director benefits and provide a quick demo.

MarkLogic University: Introduction to Managing Clusters with Ops Director

Interested in Learning More?

Take a free introductory 19 minute course for Ops Director.




The complete guide to installing, managing, and analyzing MarkLogic clusters with Ops Director
This on-demand webinar will take you through Ops Directory
Learn more about Ops Director from our MarkLogic World presentation

Feature-Rich and Built for the Enterprise

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