Excited to build modern data architecture, but need a blueprint? The Data Hub Framework provides an out-of-the-box, end-to-end architecture with pre-defined functions enabling you to build an Operational Data Hub — quickly.

The Data Hub Framework empowers Architects and Developers to leverage the power of MarkLogic to create data flows from a multitude of source systems, harmonize that data, and serve the harmonized data using open APIs faster than ever.

Enterprise organizations around the world use the Data Hub Framework in production environments to integrate data silos faster than ever. Are you ready to get started?


Data Hub Framework Architecture

The Data Hub Framework architecture is built around a three step process:

  1. Ingest and discover data
  2. Model and harmonize data
  3. Deliver data to downstream systems and applications

Underlying the framework are all of MarkLogic’s enterprise capabilities: fine-grained, industry-leading data security, high availability and disaster recovery, ACID transactions, and more — everything you need to run in production.

Marklogic Data Hub Technical

Key Benefits

Card Out Of The Box Blueprint

Out-Of-The-Box Blueprint

The Data Hub Framework ships as a Java library and is production ready. You can immediately begin to ingest data – without ETL tools. Data is instantly available and searchable.

Faster Easier Data Integration

Sweet Harmony

By skipping up-front data modeling before ingesting, you can focus on harmonizing and enriching your data whether that be all your data at once or just what is needed for your particular use case.

Card Solid Scaffolding

Solid Scaffolding

Our framework is DevOps focused so you can begin to build and deploy in real-time with enterprise-grade security.

A Data Hub in 15 Minutes

Paxton Hare, a Senior MarkLogic Engineer, led the team that created the framework. Hear him talk, code, and actually build a data hub – in only 15 minutes.

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Close up of a person working on a laptop.

Hands-On, Data Hub Training

Learn to build a MarkLogic Data Hub powered by the MarkLogic database to help accelerate data integration projects and deliver faster time to value to your customers.

Learn More

Just Point Me to the Code

Not only is MarkLogic’s Data Hub Framework free and open source under the Apache 2 License, it’s also supported by a community of developers who build and contribute to it. Get started by first downloading MarkLogic and then the Data Hub Framework on GitHub. Join the community.

Download MarkLogic  Download The Data Hub Framework

Powered By MarkLogic and Using the Data Hub Framework

Feature-Rich and Built for the Enterprise

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