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MarkLogic is a database designed for NoSQL speed and scale, without sacrificing the enterprise features required to run mission-critical, operational applications. Using a multi-model approach, MarkLogic provides unprecedented flexibility to integrate and store all of your most critical data, and then view that data as documents, as a graph, or as relational data. You can avoid expensive and brittle ETL and better manage the entities and relationships that your business works with.

MarkLogic Data Hub For Simplified Data Integration
Why Multi-Model?

We Have a Unique Approach

To bridge data silos, data management means being able to deal with heterogeneous, multi-shaped, multi-formatted data. Because MarkLogic at its core is a document database, the most flexible of NoSQL databases, it easily loads that multi-shaped data without upfront modeling. Additionally, MarkLogic lets you make associations between documents using triples. So triples, documents, and data — that’s what we mean by multi-model.

Learn All About Multi-Model Databases

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Key Capabilities

Enterprise Ready. Set. Go!

Easy To Get Data In

Easy to Get Data In

Ingest structured and unstructured data as is with a Flexible Data Model that adapts to both changing data and changing data structure. MarkLogic natively stores JSON, XML, text, geospatial, and semantic triples.

Easy To Get Data Out

Easy to Get Data Out

The database has built-in, lightning-fast search capabilities with an “Ask Anything” Universal Index. MarkLogic also provides APIs and other tools to enable fast application development and deployment to any environment.

Enterprise Ready graph

Trusted to Run your Business

MarkLogic is enterprise ready, having ACID transactions, scalability and elasticity, certified security, high availability, and disaster recovery — plus other enterprise features required to run critical business operations.

Simply Elegant

Our elegant design allows you to easily ingest documents, triples, and relational data creating a unified, actionable 360 degree view. Now you can search and query all of your data in transactional apps, analytical apps, and other downstream systems. Inherently flexible, scalable, and agile.

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Built for Results

MarkLogic Architecture

By eliminating costly, time-consuming ETL, our flexible database architecture allows you to quickly and easily load data as is, harmonize, and deliver results — faster.

Marklogic Data Hub Business
Integrate Data 4x Faster

In the Blink of an Eye

Your relational database can’t keep up with the rapid, constant change in your data. MarkLogic’s modern database was designed to keep pace with the velocity and variety of today’s data. Integrate data 4x faster — see results in months, not years.

Integrate Data 4x Faster

Why Traditional ETL is Inefficient

Powerful Shouldn’t Be Complex

The MarkLogic Approach To Data Integration

Relational databases keep you stuck in a fragmented, rows and columns world. It’s time to escape the matrix with MarkLogic.

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Powerful Shouldnt Be Complex

I fell in love with MarkLogic when I saw it.”

“I’m an Oracle DBA, I’ve been designing databases for many years so I’m a strong relational guy, but I fell in love with MarkLogic when I saw it. And it was because we could bring everything in, in a schema-agnostic way, and not have to go through and do all the rip and replace that we have to do every place else with other methodologies.”

Build. Iterate. Innovate. Faster.

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