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Do More with Multi-Model

Today’s most advanced organizations need a database that is multi-model. MarkLogic Server is designed to securely store and manage a variety of data to run transactional, operational, and analytical applications.

MarkLogic’s innovation roadmap started with XML, where MarkLogic is now the undisputed leader. But, it didn’t stop there. Today, MarkLogic Server natively stores JSON, XML, text, geospatial, and semantic triples in one unified platform. This ability to store and query document data, location data, semantic graph data, and build relational views for SQL analytics results in unprecedented flexibility and agility when integrating data from silos.

JSON/XML, JavaScript/XQuery


Documents are the more natural way to store data without worrying about schema complexity. Also, geospatial data can easily be stored in documents to answer the “where” question in the context of all your other data and build advanced geospatial applications.

Multi-model JSON example

Do More with Multi-Model

Multi-model semantic data example


Semantic Data

Get the combined benefits of a document store and an RDF Triple Store, where semantic data is stored. Semantic data is ideal for storing relationships, which is useful for managing metadata (e.g. ontologies), improving data integration, and building applications with highly connected data.

Do More with Multi-Model

Tables, SQL


Create relational views on top of documents and run analytics using standard SQL. MarkLogic Server is the only NoSQL database with this capability.

Multi-model relational table example

Key Features of MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server was created with versatility and efficiency in mind to securely integrate data, track it through that process, and safely share its curated form. We want to enable data professionals to meet their mission-critical goals.

Secure and Governed

MarkLogic Server has built-in governance, granular role-based access controls, and more advanced security certifications than any alternative NoSQL or multi-model database. It offers data security features like client-managed encryption keys, data loss prevention policy, and attribute-based access control for highly secure access to sensitive and personal data. Many large organizations and government institutions securely integrate their data with MarkLogic Server.

Learn about our database security

Advanced Security illustration

ACID illustration

ACID Transactions

Applications are easier to code and maintain if the underlying distributed database provides strong data consistency. MarkLogic Server is built for the enterprise as a hardened platform with uncompromising data integrity and durability. This is not true of other non-relational databases that lack true ACID transactions and can suffer data loss during node failures.

Learn about ACID transactions

Built-in Search

MarkLogic Server has a search engine built into its core. This results in less time and effort to build and configure indexes for standard queries, eliminating the need for a bolt-on search engine for full-text search like other databases. This is incredibly helpful for data integration because it provides users immediate access to their ingested data, saves time during the curation process, and enables users to ask more complex questions about integrated data. And with semantic search, there is context so new relationships are easily discovered.

Learn about search

Built-in search illustration

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Whether you are building custom analytics or using standard BI tools, MarkLogic accelerates your path to modernize data analytics and business intelligence. With MarkLogic, you can derive insights on all your data, in all structures, using traditional SQL, enterprise search, and semantics capabilities — all in one unified operational and analytical system.

Learn more about data analytics

Embedded Machine Learning

Embedded Machine Learning helps you achieve the best results because your machine learning models have direct access to curated and governed data in MarkLogic Server. And if you’re not a data scientist, that’s okay, too. MarkLogic uses this capability to improve database operations and automate steps in the data curation process.

Learn about embedded machine learning

Embedded machine learning illustration

Elastic scalability illustration

Elastic Scalability

We have customers storing upwards of 3 Petabytes of data. When integrating massive volumes of data, you want a distributed database that scales quickly, easily, and at low cost. MarkLogic Server utilizes a shared-nothing architecture that scales horizontally on commodity hardware. And, when demand dissipates, it can scale back down without having to worry about complex sharding.

Learn about scaling

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

MarkLogic Server is resilient with enterprise-grade High Availability and Disaster Recovery built around ACID Transactions to guarantee consistency and durability after a failover or recovery event. Automated failover provides fault tolerance to avoid interruptions and ensures that your data is always available.

Learn about high availability and disaster recovery

High Availability and Disaster Recovery illustration

Tiered storage illustration

Tiered Storage

Store and manage data in different tiers based on cost and performance trade-offs. Easily moving data across tiers without any ETL or expensive infrastructure changes allows you to easily balance performance and capacity through the lifecycle of your data. It makes data governance easier and enables you to meet compliance requirements and performance SLAs.

Learn about tiered storage

Visit MarkLogic Multi-Model Database Features to see a full list of features.

Deploy anywhere illustration

Deploy Anywhere

Your business, not an IT vendor, should dictate where your data lives and how it is managed. MarkLogic provides flexible deployment options. Build your application once and run it anywhere, whether on-premises, virtualized, or in the cloud. ​

Unlike a cloud vendor’s proprietary database that only runs on their cloud, MarkLogic Server is cloud neutral so you can avoid cloud lock-in. And as your business needs evolve and you need to make changes later, MarkLogic supports a hybrid cloud strategy.​

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