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What is MarkLogic Data Hub?

MarkLogic Data Hub For Simplified Data Integration

MarkLogic Data Hub is a unified solution that brings all of your multi-structured data together and curates it for both transactional and analytical purposes. It works by ingesting data as is from any source, indexing it for immediate query and search, and curating it through a process of harmonization, mastering, and enrichment. You can deploy it in minutes with MarkLogic Data Hub Service, our fully managed cloud service. Or, you can deploy a self-managed data hub in any environment (cloud, hybrid, or on-premises).

A unified enterprise data hub

Only MarkLogic delivers data agility by bringing together such an incredible list of capabilities — data integration, storage, management, search, analytics, semantics, mastering, curation, security, and access. MarkLogic Data Hub is powered by MarkLogic Server, a multi-model, NoSQL database that meets enterprise requirements for scalability, security, and transactional consistency.

Data hub diagram displaying MarkLogic's unified platform

Fast pipelines icon

Fast Pipelines

No Waiting on Complex ETL

  • Data ingestion and indexing is immediate
  • Streaming or batch
  • Structure or unstructured data
  • Use familiar tools (MuleSoft, NiFi, Kafka, etc.)
Unified platform icon

Unified Platform

No Architectural Complexity

  • Simplified data management with one consistent, real-time view of data
  • Stable integration hub that can serve many use cases
  • Multi-model:  JSON, XML, text, geospatial, semantic graph, and relational views
  • Built-in full-text search, built-in mastering capability, full transactional consistency
  • Less expensive than a ‘build it yourself’ data hub
Smart curation icon

Smart Curation

No Stalled Projects

  • Enrich, harmonize, and master data easier and faster
  • Only model what you need, when you need it
  • Embedded Machine Learning
  • Data Hub UI for ease of use and collaboration
icon-semantics (1)

Semantic Graph

Multi-model Data Management

  • Manage facts and relationships to add context
  • Deliver more intelligent search and insights
  • Build advanced knowledge graphs
  • Uses RDF and SPARQL standards
  • Scales to hundreds of billions of triples
Cloud data security icon

Advanced Security

No Barriers to Sharing Data

  • Certified, enterprise-grade security
  • Full data lineage tracking and audit capabilities
  • Granular controls for roles, permissions, privileges, etc.
  • Advanced encryption for data in motion and at rest
Simple development icon

Simple Development

No waiting, no wasted effort

  • Effortless sharing of consistent, fit-for-purpose, use-case driven data assets
  • Agile, DevOps approach to building data-driven microservices (10x faster results than with relational)
  • Think in objects, not just rows and columns (though MarkLogic also supports standard SQL)
  • Industry-standard APIs and programming languages
eBook Cover eBook Paper

Why build a data hub?

In this introductory eBook, we provide data architects a clear argument for why a data hub is the best approach for solving modern data management challenges and addressing changing business needs.

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How to solve your data silo problem

Data silos result in complexity and wasted resources. To fix your silo issues, MarkLogic simplifies your architecture so you can stop spending time on ETL and start spending time actually getting value from your data.

Get a tour of how you can escape the matrix of data silos.

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“MarkLogic makes things so simple that the architects struggle to get their head around it!”

Lead Technical Architect, BBC

Achieve faster results with agile data integration

Avoid the long process of upfront modeling and ETL. MarkLogic enables you to use agile principles in the data management layer so you can iteratively harmonize data as you go. This approach provides fast results and reduces risk when things change.


productivity improvement at AbbVie.


days to launch an entirely new data platform at Chevron.


production deployments in 15 days at Northern Trust.

Running the apps that keep the world running

Over 2,500 organizations around the world rely on the MarkLogic Data Hub to discover new medicines, run the world’s financial systems, prevent terrorism, and much more.


Top Banks







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