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August 05
12:00 PM EDT
August 12
3:00 PM BST
September 02
12:00 PM EDT
September 16
3:00 PM BST
September 23
12:00 PM EDT
October 07
12:00 PM EDT
October 14
3:00 PM BST
October 21
12:00 PM EDT

Here's What You Can Expect To See & Learn

  • The intuitive Data Hub UI
  • How to ingest data as is
  • Harmonizing, mastering, and exploring data
  • What a data-hub-powered app looks like
  • How to achieve data agility
  • The value of a unified platform
  • The benefits of going serverless
  • How to eliminate friction with IT
  • How to easily build new apps to address a broad set of use-cases

MLTV Digital Content Hub

Learn more about MarkLogic technology, customers, and use cases via our digital content hub, built on MarkLogic Data Hub Service and managed on AWS.

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